How to attack in Clash of Clans to win your rivals

Clash Of Clans is a village building game where you will have to create and defend a village to steal your resources, while, at the same time, you seek to attack to loot and devastate the villages of other players.

Attacking other villages in this game is essential to grow and use the resources obtained to improve your village. However, a good attack requires a strategy , since the villages will have their defenses ready to contain and neutralize your troops.

Some of the most recommended strategies is to join a clan to be able to improve faster and have a better chance of obtaining resources in a clan war. However, you must know certain tricks and strategies for your attacks to be effective and destructive .

If you want to learn to attack in an ideal way, keep reading in this article as we will explain everything you need to know to attack in Clash of clans and always beat your rivals .

Upgrade your troops

This is definitely the first thing to do if you really want to win every attack you make. Invest all the gold you can to improve your troops , so you must always have the laboratory working. Growing fast and improving your village  is the goal.

With what troops to attack?

There is no formula or combination of troops that guarantees a perfect attack ; however, it will be worth prioritizing elixir as much as possible to invest less and steal as many resources as possible.

When you start it is very easy to create a small troop, save resources and devastate other villages, but then the complexity increases considerably.

For this reason, if you are at a relatively advanced level of the game, we suggest that you create a troop with the minimum number of archers and giants necessary to reach where the elixir and gold reserves are located.

Once you have this part of the troop ready, invest in barbarians and goblins to be able to get all the possible resources. This way you can save as much elixir as possible to prepare your next successful attack.


Set your goals. Destroy everything or steal resources

The goal is not always to destroy everything. Sometimes you have to prioritize if the most important thing is to steal resources to be able to supply yourself. Once you exceed 2000 trophies you will need troops at 6.

There will be a point where you will have to spend more than you earn. For that reason it is important to define your objectives . You can also get gems, elixir and gold for free .

Protect your bomb skeleton to ensure more damage

The skeleton with a bomb must be a fundamental piece at the time of your attack due to the great damage it causes and the possibility it has to destroy walls. However, it is very easy for them to eliminate it because its life points are very low.

For this reason, you should know when to send it and how to do it. For this we recommend sending two giants . These will attract all attacks and can protect your bomb skeleton.

Within two seconds of sending the giants you must send the bomb skeleton. This way you will be able to place your bombs and blow up the rival defenses. As you practice this technique you will achieve success in missions.


Get a good clan

The science to get good resources and goods to help you raid other villages is with the clans. In fact, hence its name. At first it may seem a bit difficult to get a clan, because due to the lack of experience and level you will hardly be accepted.

However, once you can enter one you will have to take into account how is the behavior among the members of the clan. If you notice gobblins being gifted to you , it is a sign that the clan is the one. Most good clans are characterized by cooperation among their members.

Make good use of the multi-touch screen

The Clash of Clans screen is multi-touch, which allows us to take advantage of it to improve the effectiveness of our attacks. You can send a wave of your troops by sliding your finger across the screen.


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