How to attack and face other players in Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a video game that was widely released on the market in 2014, it was created by the Supercell company. In the game you can enjoy a variety of strategies to be able to face other players or against different bases.

The game takes place in an archipelago where troops or bases face each other, in addition the player must collect supplies such as: gold, stone, iron, which can be acquired as the levels progress. Next we will explain how to attack and face other players in Boom Beach.

Easily attack other players on Boom Beach

Initially, you must have the game on your computer and open it to enjoy its diversity of functions. So to be able to enjoy one of them which is the option to attack a friend you have to activate some options and that’s it.

First, you must click on the “X” that is displayed on the right side of the game. It contains a series of options. The panel that will open is called ” xmodgame ” in which you have to activate the second option known as ” sandbox attack “.

It should be noted that the option is usually deactivated and in order to attack a friend, it must be activated.

Then you must enter the panel that displays the best scores and you must select the third tab that corresponds to « friends» . When selecting it, you can click on «visit» in the right menu and the option to attack will appear.

This way you can easily access a friend’s area to attack or confront him. The important thing when attacking is not to lose any member of the troop and to be able to achieve victory. If you want to repeat the game, click on return and you will see how it restarts itself and you can go back to enjoying or practicing the attacks.

It should also be noted that in the game it is possible to attack the islands that are visible on the map. So in order to attack a friend, you must explore the map or if you want another option, you must wait for them to reach your base and then invade.

It is at that moment that the confrontation can begin with the different tools and weapons that are available.

Game strategies

In addition, when you reach an island, you can implement the use of bombs to open the way in case you have a boat parked on the shore of the beach and you have all the weapons in your favor. Better to know which are the best units and combinations of troops .

It should be noted that if you want to fight a friend in other bases, you can get victory points if you win. Therefore, if you win the battle, you will be able to receive gold , which is a gift from the natives as a token of appreciation for fighting and protecting the base, so it is preferable to organize and defend your base in the best way.

At the same time, it should be mentioned that when carrying out the attacks, they will have a cost equivalent to gold. So every time you level up the attacks will still go up in gold costs.

In general, it can be expressed that there is no function to be able to face a single friend in particular. You can only select the invite and arrive on an island to confront so-called friends who are part of the island or troop, but never just one.

As the game progresses and new levels are acquired, you can attack in different ways such as with new troops, with thugs, zucas, or even attack with warriors, there are diversities of ways to confront.

It is important to note that within Boom Beach, operations are the most recurring event to integrate all team members. The game calculates the number of players in the task force and the average level of each player. So based on that data it tells you how difficult an operation can be for the team.


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