How to attach one or more Mailchimp PDF files?

Many people may believe that emailing or email marketing is an ineffective strategy, but this conviction stems from ignorance, since the personalized messaging system is still one of the preferred ways to build customer loyalty with brands.

Given the need to automate this process, different platforms are born that are presented as a solution for small and large companies in the area of ​​digital marketing. One of the most important is Mailchimp, and today we explain in depth how to attach files to your emailing campaigns in this way.

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  1. What types of files can you send in Mailchimp?
    1. What is the maximum size of each file?
  2. How to upload files to the Mailchimp platform?
    1. What to do to share them in a campaign?
  3. How to see who downloaded the file you sent?

What types of files can you send in Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a very useful tool for the successful implementation of marketing campaigns today, it is positioned as one of the most reliable and secure among its competition. Based on that, you probably decided to create and set up a Mailchimp account , but we recognize that at a certain point, it can be confusing to get certain settings.

That is, when sending an email directly from the email, the process of attaching a file is explicit and does not imply much trouble. But, when you are looking to take advantage of the email automation offered by Mailchimp, the way to accompany the text with a plugin is different.

Beforehand, they are related to your traditional email platform, and you can send your contacts any file format, be it text, document, image, audio, video, presentation, spreadsheet, tablets, etc. . Therefore, you can be confident that whatever extension you are interested in attaching, you will be able to achieve it.

What is the maximum size of each file?

Now, when we refer to the fact that you can send any file to your recipients, we refer to the type of item, instead, the size of the item must not exceed 10 MB . This can be somewhat limiting, because it subtracts a little from the maximum capacity that you would have in your mail platform.

But in fact, it is not a problem if you learn to export the files you need, with the proper compression and maintaining their quality . In fact, there are different platforms on the web that take care of it in a matter of seconds, so as soon as you have your file with the appropriate size specifications, you will proceed to attach it to Mailchimp.

How to upload files to the Mailchimp platform?

First of all, it is convenient that you know how to connect or integrate the MailChimp subscription form , so that your email marketing campaign can yield the results you are looking for. So if we can upload to the platform, the file that interests us to review the contacts.

Consider that from Mailchimp, the files are attached as a URL , which means that the user who receives it must necessarily download it in order to consume the content. Therefore, make sure to make it the most interesting and simple to understand, preferably with a classic image attached, once you have a clear idea, proceed with these steps:

  • Access the Content Manager, then in the Campaign Builder, make sure to go to the “Content” panel and click on “Edit Design”.
  • As a content box, make sure to put an attractive and efficient design, it can be new or existing.
  • In the text editing panel, assemble the text or image that will be the link to your attachment, and format it appropriately so that it stands out.
  • The key point now is that you select the “Link” icon, in Link to select “File” and continue clicking on “Upload”.
  • Locate the file on your computer and load it with the “Open” button. This automatically creates an address for your file, you can customize the one that opens in a new window, the CSS Class and the Title Attribute, from the Advanced Options button.
  • Finally, you click on “Insert” and it will be loaded into your campaign.

What to do to share them in a campaign?

Enter Mailchimp  and discover each of the attributes of this platform, to connect with your target audience through effective campaigns. Precisely, in email marketing, offering an attached file, which provides value to the recipients , can become the differentiating element of your brand, with respect to the rest.

Make sure that after uploading it to the platform, you carefully build the rest of the campaign parameters, so that the user is led with kindness, in each of the steps. Remember that, upon receiving the email, you will have the possibility to access the file sent, so leave no room for doubt, convince him with every detail.

How to see who downloaded the file you sent?

Just like activating the Mailchimp form , obtaining data about your consumers or audience is very simple, you do not need to execute any very complicated steps, since the same platform is there to facilitate these procedures. Mailchimp automatically generates statistics on the different relevant actions of your audience.

Knowing the number of people who made the decision to download the attachment that you included in a campaign is achieved through the “Campaign Report” , whose data is more accurate once the campaign has ended. But you should not wait for this to happen, to start checking the evolution of the strategy, so the way to consult this report is:

  • Select the “Campaigns” button.
  • Now, click on “Reports” and immediately choose the audience you want to evaluate in “Current audience”.
  • From “Campaigns”, select the email that contained the downloadable file and press the “View Report” button


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