How to ask a question anonymously on Tumblr?

Make an anonymous question on Tumblr can be a beneficial way to answer a question without there being some kind of recognition of your identity. If you are an introvert, embarrassing person , or you just don’t want anyone to know who you are by the nature of the question, it is possible to go anonymous.

Can I ask an anonymous question on Tumblr about any blog?

First of all, you must understand that not all blogs that you find or follow on this platform have the question option activated. In other words, even if you want to, you will not be able to ask questions of any kind, whether public or anonymous, so the usual options for carrying out any such interaction will not be displayed.

On the other hand, if a blog has this option activated , you can easily ask the questions you want, in the format you prefer. Next, you will see how to get it in the desktop version and for mobile devices.

Tumblr questions in browser or desktop

Now, to ask an anonymous question on Tumblr you must first log in from the browser (preferably Google Chrome), if you have an account, otherwise you must create it . In this way, you can make inquiries in the three ways that this platform allows you, although two of these do not require login, possibly by performing one of these two you will find the error “Tumblr safe mode”.

The first is simple, from the control panel of your page, choose the blog you are following from the list, which will launch you towards the site.

Its content should appear in a dedicated side section, where you will find an icon in the form of a chat in the upper right. By clicking on this button, two options will appear in a drop-down box, where you must choose the option that says “Ask a question”.

Alternatively, and as a second option, you can enter the blog profile by clicking on its avatar, where you will see different links. One of these is called “Ask me whatever it is” which also fulfills the function of making a question directly to the blog.

Finally, and as the last method to ask an anonymous question on Tumblr, you can simply add “/ ask” to the end of the site’s URL , which will redirect you to the dialog box where you can ask your question.

And you still wonder how do I make it anonymous? After completing any of these three processes, as already mentioned, a dialog box will appear. In this dialog box after typing your question, at the bottom there will be a sliding button “Ask anonymously” that you must mark and then click on ” Ask “.

Ask questions in the mobile app

Although the application for this platform is usually very intuitive, to ask an anonymous question on Tumblr is usually a bit more confusing.

However, if you know where to enter and how to do it, this is usually quite simple, of course, as long as the blog has the question settings enabled .

As in the previous step, you must enter the blog page, and in the header select the icon that has a chat bubble shape, and then click ” Ask “. In this sense, here is the difficult part, since, in the mobile version, you will not see the button that allows you to make a question anonymous, instead, you will see a status label.

This will be marked as “Public” which means that your identity will be exposed, and to correct it you just have to click on it, which will immediately change the status of the question to anonymous .

Although, it is important to remember that, just as a blog can cancel the questions to them, it can also do with the status of the same, that is, they can remove the possibility of making one anonymously.

Now you simply have to compose the question or request that you want to make to the blog in question, change the status of the question and tap on the ” Ask ” button below .


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