How to answer a call with Michael Kors Smartwatch

Smart watches are more and more bought and used. These devices bring with them a series of functions and configurations that are very useful for users of technological devices. The system of these watches offers the download of a large number of applications that work in conjunction with the cell phone.

Among the different watch brands, the Michael Kors Smartwatch, are undoubtedly one of the most complete and useful. Among its many functions is the option to pair with a mobile device and receive notifications and answer calls . Therefore, how to answer a call on this smartwatch will be explained below.

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  1. What do you need to have to answer calls on your Michael Kors Smartwatch?
    1. Download Wear OS
    2. Verify that you have Bluetooth enabled on both devices
  2. How is a call answered on a Michael Kors smartwatch?
  3. Where can you see that the call has already been answered?

What do you need to have to answer calls on your Michael Kors Smartwatch?

The Michael Kors smart watch has a varied number of settings that are linked to the functions of the mobile phone . In order to access and take advantage of all these options, it is necessary to synchronize both devices. To pair the smartwatch with your mobile device, you must do the following:

Download Wear OS

The Wear OS operating system is created by Google to serve as a system especially for users who own smart watches. Wear OS has a version for Android phones and for iOS devices. The installation of the Wear OS app is very important to be able to synchronize the smartwatch with the phone .

To purchase this app on your cell phone, you have to go to the mobile application store (be it Google Play or App Store) and type in the search engine ‘Wear OS’. When you find the application, you proceed to download the updated version .

Verify that you have Bluetooth enabled on both devices

With the installation of the Wear OS application, the synchronization between the two devices must be performed. First, you have to make sure that the watch is charged and then you have to verify that Bluetooth is activated on both devices. Next, the link must be made following the parameters that will be shown below:

  • Go to the Wear OS app and click on ‘start configuration’.
  • Enter the start of the smart watch and on the screen press ‘start’.
  • Choose the language you want to use on the smartwatch.
  • Both on the watch and on the mobile device, the terms of usemust be accepted .
  • Wait for the connection to complete on the devices.
  • Once the connection is finished, the same code will appearon the screen of both devices .
  • Click on ‘link’ to start the link.

This procedure can take a period of time of approximately 5 minutes , so you must have a little patience so that the synchronization is carried out correctly and without any problem. At the end of this time, you must follow the parameters indicated by the application and it will be ready to use.

With the connection completed, all the functions and settings that can be executed on the Michael Kors smartwatch will be available in the application. From connecting applications such as WhatsApp to receiving and attending notifications such as calls and messages.

In order to activate the option to receive calls, you have to enter the application and go to the notifications section. Among the list of applications compatible with the watch, you must find the call application and activate the link . Once this is done, the smartwatch will be able to notify you when a call will fall to the phone.

How is a call answered on a Michael Kors smartwatch?

Already having the link between the Michael Kors smartwatch and the mobile device, the option to answer calls will now be available. When receiving a call on the phone, it will automatically be reflected on the clock screen , and by pressing the green phone icon, the call will be answered.

Where can you see that the call has already been answered?

As you can see, the process to answer a call on the smartwatch is quite easy and fast. However, it must be taken into account that when answering a call on the watch, it must be answered using the mobile device , since the Michael Kors smartwatch does not yet have a microphone and speakers to be able to speak.

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