How to animate text one word at a time in PowerPoint step by step?

Animating text one word at a time in PowerPoint is one of the things that can be most difficult, but at the same time most interesting to do. The ability to make texts disappear or appear or animate a word is something that helps make your presentations look better.

How to animate text one word at a time in PowerPoint?

While animating a slide is pretty straightforward, doing it with specific elements can be a bit more complicated. It will be necessary that you read the steps in this tutorial very well before making the animation, so that you can do it in the correct way.

First of all, the ideal is that you practice with a previous presentation or work on a white sheet, this way you avoid that the elements move. On the other hand, keep in mind that you must work each text box separately so that its words can be animated.

To start, go to ” PowerPoint “, you can open the presentation in which you will make the animation or a blank one to do the test. Then you need to select the text box where the words are or create a new one and add some test text.

Once this is done, continue by secondary clicking and selecting the text box, you must select the “Animations” option In the list that appears, select “Appear”. Once this is done, you must access the “Animation panel”, displayed on the right side of the screen.

In this panel, you need to click on ”  Text animations “, you will need to click on “Animate text” and decide if it will be by words or by letters. Once this is done, you will have managed to animate the text with great ease. You can also use the drawing toolbar and try different effects until you achieve a style that you like and you can even make interactive drawings.

Why animate text one word at a time in PowerPoint?

While PowerPoint animations tend to look pretty nice , sometimes you may need to do more. Word animations can give a very interesting look before, in addition, they make the presentation look much more attractive and professional.

On the other hand, it is quite useful to use these animations when it is necessary to reveal data progressively, making everything easier to understand. Many people prefer these types of animations because they tend to make the text easier to read.

How necessary is it to animate text one word at a time in PowerPoint?

In general, animating elements is fairly straightforward, but like everything, excesses are harmful to a slide display . For this reason, an animation is necessary only when it does not exceed or make the presentation look overloaded.

Animating text one word at a time in PowerPoint can be overkill and must be done with some care to avoid overloading the presentation. That is, the ideal is to alternate it within the same presentation and avoid it after a very striking animation.

Time must also be used carefully, this is a vital element in many presentations and this effect often slows things down. In addition, you should bear in mind that when preparing the presentation, animating in this way can be quite slow, therefore, you must work with time and care.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that many times this is an element that can become annoying, that is, the listener is uncomfortable waiting for the words. Therefore, this must be handled with care, in such a way that interest is not lost, avoiding that the presentation is not understood correctly.

Finally, remember that this type of animation takes a bit of practice to master, if you do not have it, discard it for now. We hope you fully understand this tutorial and manage to create animation with great skill.


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