How to allow access to my Gmail account without giving the password

On many occasions we need someone to enter our Gmail account , either because we are not available, there is also some type of work that we are going to do or for other reasons.

How to allow access to my Gmail account without giving the password

Of course before that we must take into account several factors so that the security of the information we have in our mail can be guaranteed. Protecting your Gmail password will increase the security of your account.

Hence, we must allow access to the Gmail account so that it does not enter information, since you can enter, change the data until you keep the account.

It also helps us to protect the other accounts on Instagram, Facebook or others in the different social networks if we have the same password. Thinking about all this, Gmail has created a way for another person to access your account with your authorization, being able to configure the account from the application on iOS or Android.

But without giving the password, this is a very new tool that is available to all users who have a Gmail account. The most important thing is that this person must have a Gmail account , so that from that additional account he can access by logging in.

How do we do this?

We must log in to our Gmail account , then we locate below our photo you will see an icon or symbol in the form of a gear. This one on the right is easy to get if you follow the directions already mentioned.

We have to press this icon in the form of a gear , there we will see a context menu within which we get the configuration option.

When clicking after entering that option we see several blue links, look for the one that says accounts, press it to access that sub menu. Then we go down and locate the second link that says add email accounts.

At that site is where we add the person to your account from Gmail, this is what we are authorizing to join our email without giving the password.

Then in that pop-up window we put the email data of the person we want to let into our account.

Also after adding it we must create a password for that person that we are allowing access to our Gmail account .

In addition to this we have to complete the rest of the configuration that is what POP server, what port you are going to use. Among these options is if you want to leave a copy of the mail that you have recovered on the POP server .

Another option is if the connection you are using is secure to retrieve emails that were deleted by mistake. You can go to the inbox, there you can mark incoming messages. Or maybe if you prefer the incoming messages, you archive them or omit the received ones.

These options can be activated according to your needs, you choose the ones that best suit you according to the work to be done.

Deactivate the accounts authorized to enter Gmail mail

Similarly, if at any time you want to deactivate accounts that you authorized before, you only have to go to accounts in settings and disavow those accounts that we do not want to enter my account.

What we have explained here are simple steps on how to enter my Gmail account without a password , the given tool is very easy to use.

With this option you can keep your password private , and you also keep control over the access of your other accounts in the different social networks in which maybe they are the same password.

Putting this way of entering your email into practice can help you a lot on occasions that you need to do so. Our gmail account is very versatile so we can even import and export data or events from your Google calendar to another account , without a doubt Gmail is the most perfect email on the Internet.


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