How To Alexa waste collection calendar

Alexa is a 360 degree voice assistant. It assists you with home automation, allows you to hear the music, reminds you of appointments and… also helps you with the separate waste collection. Do you always forget to put the bag out on the appointed day? By scheduling the alexa waste collection calendar you will never find yourself unprepared for separate collection and you will always be able to know how and where to throw a waste.

First of all, a due clarification. For some municipalities (for example Turin) there is an Alexa skill specially created for the management of separate waste collection so you should first of all see if the skill already exists for your municipality (there are not many municipalities).


  • Skill Alexa waste collection calendar
  • Skill to know how to do separate collection

Skill Alexa waste collection calendar

The first skill we are going to see is called waste collection . After enabling the skill, it must be configured for use in your municipality . In fact, the skill is already set up with many municipalities in Italy and if yours is also present, it will automatically set the alexa waste collection calendar; now I will explain everything step by step.

From the alexa app search and enable the waste collection skill, if you do not know how to enable a skill read this guide . Once you have clicked the Enable use button , on the next screen enable the Alexa Notifications item (by checking the box next to the item) and click on the Save permissions button .

At this point the skill will be ready for use and you will have to complete the configuration via voice commands. Open the app with the command “Alexa, Open waste collection”. The app will give you the welcome message and indicate the name of your municipality (if the municipality is wrong you must set the municipality in the preferences of your echo device) and will tell you if an alexa waste collection calendar already exists for that municipality. If the calendar already exists, the configuration can be said to be completed vice versa if the calendar does not exist Alexa will guide you to create the calendar for your municipality (it will essentially indicate the days of the week for each type of collection (packaging, organic, paper etc.); the creation of your calendar is fast, guided and if you want you can also do it simply via smartphone.

“Alexa, ask garbage collection how can I change my personal calendar”

What is the use of setting up the alexa waste collection calendar? Simple, Alexa will remind you with a reminder when you need to put a particular type of rejection out the door. At any time you can then ask when a particular type of waste is collected , for example by asking your voice assistant “Alexa, when do they collect the plastic?” or “Alexa, when should I expose the wet?” or “Alexa, what do they collect tomorrow?” or even “Alexa, what should I take out today?” .

Skill to know how to do separate collection

Now that you know how the alexa waste collection calendar works, I’ll introduce you to another skill that will surely come in very handy. It is called Rifiutario . Not sure where to throw a particular waste? This skill is ideal, just ask Alexa.

All you have to do is search and enable the waste collection skill, if you do not know how to enable a skill read this guide and then you will be ready to start asking Alexa where to throw everything. To open the skill you will have to say “Alexa, open Waste Guide” and then you can ask everything, for example “Alexa, Where can I throw the mussels?” (in this case he will answer “The shells of mussels and clams are not recoverable and must be thrown in the undifferentiated”.

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