How to adjust Google Home sound

The voice assistants from Amazon and Google make your life a lot easier thanks to their many functions but first of all they are fantastic smart speakers ideal for filling your apartment with music. But How to adjust Google Home sound ? Luckily google has thought of everything and there is an easy to use google home equalizer that will do just the thing for you and will perfect the sound for your environment even if I anticipate right away that the equalizer is very limited.

With the sound adjustment you will enjoy the music better, whether you hear it in streaming or that you use google home as a normal speaker .

Without getting too lost in useless chatter, I’ll immediately explain how to equalize the sound of google home speakers.

Adjust Google Home sound

Almost all google home settings are done from the google home app and the same thing goes for adjusting google home sound. So you will have to use the home app from your smartphone.

Open the Home app and click on the button at the bottom left with the house symbol. A screen will open containing all the google home devices in your account. Select the device you want to adjust Google Home sound to by pressing on it.

The properties window of the selected google device will open with the volume adjustment in the center. In this window at the top left there is the google home equalizer button (a button with the symbol of an equalizer).

The window to adjust Google Home sound will then open; inside there is the google home equalizer with which you can adjust both the high frequencies and the low frequencies simply by moving the relative slide bar until you have found the optimal frequency.

Unfortunately the google home equalizer does not offer any other possibilities to adjust Google Home sound other than adjusting the power of the bass and high frequencies.

If you are not familiar with voice commands to adjust volumes with google home and manage music, I invite you to read my guide which contains a list of all google assistant voice commands.

for more information about sound adjustment you can contact the relevant support pages made available by google.

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