How to adjust an Amazfit Band 5?

More and more accessories are coming to the market to complement or increase the functions of other devices. Such is the case of the Amazfit Band 5, which serves as an extension of some functions of the device ; as well as offering a number of other features on its own.

In this way, the user will be able to perform their tasks in a simpler and more comfortable way. Simply by accessing the device on your wrist, after you have configured and synchronized it as you prefer.

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  1. What requirements do you need to sync and adjust Amazfit Band 5?
    1. Download the Zeep app on your mobile device
    2. Create an account on ‘Zepp’
    3. Have Bluetooth active on the phone
  2. What are the steps to pair and configure your Amazfit Band 5?
  3. Where do you check that your Smart Band has already been connected correctly?
  4. Why won’t your Smart Band sync to your cell phone?

What requirements do you need to sync and adjust Amazfit Band 5?

Once you have a smart band, the process to synchronize it and link it with your mobile device is quite simple and punctual. Since you only need to download the corresponding application and apply the appropriate procedure .

Download the Zeep app on your mobile device

This application, formerly known as Amazfit, is the means to link the phone with the smart band. Zepp is the platform that allows you to synchronize any model of smart bracelet or smart band with a mobile device; which includes the Amazfit Band 5 model.

To download the application, you must go to your corresponding application store, depending on the operating system of your device. That is, you must access the Play Store if you are an Android user and the Apple App Store; in case you use an iOS device.

In addition, the Zepp application is completely free and compatible with all devices. So just by locating it in the application finder in the store, you can download and install it without problems.

Create an account on ‘Zepp’

Once you have downloaded the Zepp application on your mobile phone, the next thing you will have to do is register on the platform of this service. To do this, you must enter the application and select the box identified as ‘Register with Zepp’ .

You will be redirected to a new window in the application, and the next step is to fill in the corresponding boxes with the requested data. Generally, you will need to register an email address that you can access; as well as your first and last name, followed by creating a password that complies with Zepp security standards.

After you have entered your data, the registration on the Zepp platform will be complete. Now, when you log in, you will have to enter a series of personal data such as your gender and your age; as well as height and weight, as some of Zepp’s functions are linked to health. Once the registration is formalized, you can link the smart band .

Have Bluetooth active on the phone

To be able to link your Amazfit Brand 5, you must first activate the Bluetooth of your device . You can do it from the notification bar, selecting the corresponding icon; or also from the ‘Settings’ application, selecting the Bluetooth box. It is important that you verify that the Bluetooth of your mobile phone is visible to other devices; otherwise, you will have to activate this function.

What are the steps to pair and configure your Amazfit Band 5?

First, you will have to enter the ‘Zepp’ application on your mobile device and go to the ‘Profile’ section. Once you access this option, you must select the ‘My device’ section in the menu that appears; then you must enter the box identified as ‘Add’.

You will notice that there are different elements with which it is possible to establish a link, select the box called ‘Bracelet’ or ‘Band’ . By default, once this option is selected, the application will use Bluetooth to search for a compatible device. So, the best option to speed up the process is to bring the bracelet closer to the phone, while it is on.

When the device identifies your Amazfit Brand 5, it sends a synchronization request to the bracelet or watch; You must accept this request by selecting the corresponding icon on the smart band screen. After the link is established, your Amazfit Brand 5 will use the connection to update its functions. Try not to wear the bracelet while the process is complete.

When the update is complete, the pairing process of the Amazfit Band 5 and the device has been completed successfully. Therefore, you will only have to carry out the configuration corresponding to each one of the functions of your smart band; using your mobile phone from the Zepp application:

Received calls : By default, the function of answering calls from the Amazfit Brand 5 is deactivated. To activate this function, you must enter the option ‘My devices’, within your ‘Profile’ in the Zepp application. There, you must select your Amazfit Band 5 and then the option ‘Incoming calls’; You will only have to grant the corresponding permissions to be able to receive calls from your smart band.

Phone notifications : You should go to the section called ‘Application Alert’ after having selected your Amazfit Brand 5; inside your ‘My devices’ box in your Zepp ‘Profile’. By default, you can link the notifications you receive from platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Gmail; as well as those of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To link the notifications from another platform, you must enter the option ‘others’ at the end of this list; there you will have to select the particular application.

Activate the Amazfit Brand by lifting the wrist : This setting is done in the ‘Profile’ menu; specifically in the option ‘Raise the wrist to see information’. Checking this box will allow your Amazfit Brand 5 to keep its screen off while you are not using it; when you keep your arm at rest. In addition, in this panel you can configure a period of hours during which you want to keep the function active.

Find your Amazfit Brand : From the ‘Profile’ menu in Zepp, you have the option ‘Find watch’; This will make the Amazfit Brand vibrate for easier searching. A fairly efficient option in case you have forgotten the place where you left the bracelet and do not locate it.

Find your phone : This option is the reverse of the one mentioned above, that is, it will allow you to find your mobile device more easily; a feature implemented on other platforms like Mi Band . To activate this function, you must use one of the internal functions of your Amazfit Brand; you will have to slide the bracelet menu and select the ‘more’ box.

When you are there, you will be able to locate and select the option ‘ Find phone or find device ‘; the phone in question will start vibrating and making noise.

Measure heart rate and sleep depth : In the ‘Profile’ section, you can make the corresponding settings in the ‘Heart rate detection’ box. In turn, this section has different functions such as: automatic heart rate detection , sleep assistant.

Depending on the function you decide to use, the sensors of your Amazfit Band will be activated; You will be able to see the log of each function in the ‘Activity’ section of the Zepp application.

Make heart rate measurement more accurate : In the same section where the settings for measuring heart rate are made; you can adjust the settings to make them more precise. The ‘Activity detection’ option will allow the measurement of your heart rate to be coupled with the activities you do; so that the data it shows is more specific.

The ‘Heart rate alerts’ function makes the device vibrate when the heart rate is zero or reaches a certain value.

Inactivity Detection: This function can be configured from the menu in your Zepp ‘Profile’; to define the period during which it will be active. This process will allow you to activate the sensors of your Amazfit Band to detect when you are lying down, sitting or standing. So your Smart band sent you a notification to do some physical activity when you spend a certain time inactive.

Activate alarms on the Amazfit Band 5: You can add alarms on your Smart band from the application on your device; selecting the option ‘Clock alarms’ in your Zepp ‘Profile’. In this section, you can configure the alarms you want at the times you need; those designated in the application will be added to your Amazfit Band 5.

Assign Event Reminders: This function allows your Amazfit Band 5 to send you a notification to remind you of a particular event. You will have to select the box corresponding to ‘Event creation’, in your Zepp ‘Profile’. You can configure each event with the date and time at which the event notification will be sent; You can also personalize it with a reminder text that will be displayed on your Amazfit Brand 5.

Customize your Smart Band : You can change the appearance of the interface of your Amazfit Band 5 from the ‘Watch Appearance Settings’ section; this in your ‘Profile’ of the Zepp application. You will only have to select the appearance that you prefer among those that are available in the library of this section.

On the other hand, you might think that the more functions of the Amazfit Smart Band 5 you have activated, the greater the battery consumption. However, this will not be so different from the consumption that your Smart band would have with only having a couple of functions. So you can get the most out of the device without worrying about the device’s power consumption.

Where do you check that your Smart Band has already been connected correctly?

If when pairing your Amazfit Band 5 with the mobile device you received a notification to accept the synchronization; this was connected correctly. However, you can reevaluate if both devices were connected correctly by entering the you ‘Profile’ in the Zepp application. You must go to the ‘My device’ section , where it will be shown if the link with your Amazfit band 5 has been established.

Another way to evaluate that the devices have been connected correctly is by entering the ‘Bluetooth’ section ; in the ‘Settings’ menu of the mobile device. The Amazfit Smart Band should be connected to the device by this means.

Why won’t your Smart Band sync to your cell phone?

Some users may have problems when linking the Amazfit Smart Brand 5 to the mobile device. However, it is possible to solve every possible problem in a simple way. In the first case, you must rule out that your mobile device has failures in its Bluetooth function to connect with other devices , since synchronization with the Smart Band uses this means as a permanent link .

In case the Bluetooth of the mobile device works properly; It is possible that the failure during synchronization is due to an outdated Zepp application platform. To evaluate this, you must go to the ‘Check for updates’ section , in the ‘Amazfit’ box in your Zepp ‘Profile’.

So, in case there are updates available, it will be necessary for you to download it before pairing your phone with the Amazfit Band 5. Likewise, you must make sure that both the phone and the Amazfit Band 5; are over 20% of their battery capacity . Also, while trying to establish synchronization, ensure that both devices are a few inches apart.

On the other hand, if the problem continues, you will have to restart your phone in a conventional way. While you must adjust your Smart band to its factory settings, entering the Amazfit Band; selecting the ‘Factory Restore’ option in the ‘System’ section of the ‘Settings’ menu.

If none of the above mentioned alternatives manages to put an end to the synchronization problem; you will have to contact technical service . If you cannot get a positive response, you will need to contact the supplier of your Amazfit Band.


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