How to add WinRAR to Windows 10 context menu if it doesn’t appear?

In Windows, when the right mouse button is pressed, some options relevant to users are displayed. This is called a “context menu” and it can be customized to add new items to it. If you wonder how to add Winrar to the context menu of Windows 10 if it does not appear? , then this article will be very useful for you.

How to add WinRAR to Windows 10 context menu if it doesn’t appear?

The Windows context menu is an excellent tool that allows us to follow shortcuts to carry out common actions on a computer. Thus, work time is reduced and tasks such as decompressing files divided into parts or putting a password to a compressed file are streamlined .

Here is some relevant information about the context menu and a simple procedure to add the WinRAR application to the Windows context menu if it does not appear.

What is the Windows context menu?

The Windows context menu is a set of options that are displayed when you press the right mouse button . These options can be displayed according to the tasks that are being carried out at a given time, so they are useful according to the user’s work environment.

The contextual menu is presented as a window with variable elements since others can be added according to the user’s needs and as the applications are installed.

What is the context menu for?

The contextual menu is used to have options according to the activities that we are developing in the operating system. In addition, it allows us to streamline tasks by reducing the access path to applications and at the same time optimizing resources.

The contextual menu is very useful because it facilitates copying and pasting files, customizing the desktop, sending documents to programs, creating folders and other important actions on a computer.

How does the Windows context menu work?

The Windows context menu is variable because it depends on the context through which you want to access it. According to the place on the interface where you press the right mouse button, you will see a series of options that adapt to the activities you are developing at a specific time.

In such a way that, if you click with the right button of the mouse on the desktop, you will see options that differ from those that you could visualize if you are located on a folder or a file.

Advantages of the Windows context menu

Without a doubt, the most notable advantage of the context menu is that it allows you to save a lot of time since you can quickly access certain common functions that you run on your computer. In addition, the context menu is customizable , so you can choose options that suit your needs and requirements.

Add WinRAR to Windows 10 context menu if it doesn’t appear

After downloading and installing WinRar , it is added to the context menu by default. However, if you cannot find the program in the menu, it is convenient to use a simple and practical tool called “CCleaner”.

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is an application that allows you to optimize the operation of the operating system by cleaning unnecessary files and configuring certain tools such as the Windows “context menu”.

Access the context menu to add WinRAR in Windows 10 if it does not appear

Once you have downloaded and installed CCleaner, enter this application and locate the “Tools” option. To the right of the panel you will see a series of tabs that you can mobilize by clicking on the arrow icon (next to the “Activate” button), and then click on the “Contextual menu” tab.

There you will find three columns: “Activated”, “Password” and “Program”. Find the “WinRAR” program and click on it. Then, press the “Activate” button and Winrar will be enabled in the Windows context menu. It is important to mention that if you do not want to use Winrar, it is still possible to compress and decompress rar files in Windows through the file explorer.


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