How to add the YouTube subscribe button to my Blogger Blog

YouTube is one of the most important social networks on the internet with millions of users who consume the content that is uploaded to this page. The reach of YouTube is so great that you can easily find channels with videos that have thousands of views.

Hence the importance of being able to have all the possible means to advertise your channel so that more people reach your content. You will also like to know about the requirements to monetize your YouTube channel . One of the most used means is to use a button that allows someone to subscribe to your channel from your blog.

This way you can subscribe from the article you upload and you will not need to enter YouTube to do so, so this method will make it easier for people to subscribe. However, many people do not know how to configure this option that comes in blog editors, and they ignore a large number of options that Blogger allows such as adding and inserting an MP3 in Blogger .

And that is why we prepared this article to show you what is the proper way to configure the subscribe button on your blog . Just follow our steps and in a short time you will be able to apply this configuration to all the blogs you want.

How useful is the subscribe button?

The subscribe button is very useful, since it allows all the people who see your videos from your blog to subscribe. This is useful because in this way it is easier for all the users who see the videos you have on your blog to have that option. And if you want you can place buttons or icons of social networks in Blogger to increase your reach.

Allowing the public that watches you more easily is extremely important, since  today the competition on these platforms is very great. There are many users who upload videos on the internet, so to compete with them you must have all the options available to enter your content.

So use this method to be able to get more audience and make your content reach as many as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to program this function on your blog, because we are going to explain how to do it.

In this guide we will show you how to do it thanks to the tools provided by Google Developers for all content creators. This page is very useful to program the subscription button in a simple and practical way to make the process easy.

Using this page the process will be much easier to do so pay close attention so that you do not commit any problems.

How to add the subscribe button on YouTube?

The procedure to put the button to subscribe to your YouTube videos is very simple to do so you will not have any problem, since we will explain the steps as simply as possible. This way you will be able to gain all the subscribers you want for your YouTube channel thanks to the publicity that you can give through your blog.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is enter the Google Developers page so you can program your subscription button . Inside this page you will first find a text box where you will add the URL of your YouTube channel.

Then you can choose between the designs that this page provides for your subscription buttons and the features you want it to have. For example, you can decide what topic you want it to have or if you want the button to show the number of subscribers you have.

Step 2

Once you configure the button as you like best, you should go to the final part where a code will be generated, which is what you will have to put in your Blog. So copy it and go to the web editor you use and look in the Widget section for the option for the subscription button.

Finally you will have to paste the code that you copied previously and place the button in the area that you like the most and apply the changes. With that you will have already managed to configure your subscription button correctly on your blog, it only remains to test it by entering your page and giving it to subscribe.

We hope that these steps have been useful and you have not had problems programming your subscription button. This will help your blog to have a more professional finish and also for your number of subscriptions to increase little by little.


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