How to add or remove words from on Mac

Our Mac is able to learn the words that we usually write in order to correct them and remember how we write them . If we frequently write a peculiar word, such as “codec”, we can ask our computer to remember it or, if necessary, forget it.

Adding Words to the Mac Dictionary

Adding words to the custom dictionary is very easy. We can also do it from any application where we can write a text, from Notes, to Pages through Reminders or iA Writer .

To add a new word, just secondary click on it and choose Learn word from the menu . The red dotted line under the word will automatically disappear and the Mac will recognize it as just another item in the dictionary.

How to remove words from the Mac dictionary

Deleting a custom word from the Mac dictionary is just as easy. We simply secondary click on it and choose the option Discard spelling . As confirmation of the change we should see the red dotted line appear under the word again.

How to add or remove words in a group

So far we have seen how we can add and remove words individually. A very useful option for an occasional word or expression, but somewhat awkward if the list is long. Fortunately, the system saves the Mac dictionary in a specific file and we can edit it to add or delete the words we consider. The steps are the following:

  1. We open a Finderwindow .
  2. In the Gomenu we choose Go to folder .
  3. We paste to the following address, without quotes: “~ / Library / Spelling”.
  4. We hit Go.
  5. In the folder that has just been opened we right-click on the file called LocalDictionary.
  6. We hover over Open withand choose TextEdit .
  7. We remove or add all the words we want.

In this simple way we can paste, if we have it, our list of peculiar words so that the system can correct them appropriately. Let us bear in mind that, on the other hand, the system takes care of adding the words it deems appropriate after seeing them write many times in a certain way, so we can find the list with several annotations even if we had never used this function.


iA Writer, back to the essence of writing

Being able to add peculiar words, such as certain proper names, whether for people or companies, for example, is tremendously useful. Thus we avoid the phrases so tart that are left when the corrector does his own

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