How to Add or Install Netflix on the Plex App

It is no secret for anyone to know that the way in which someone is entertained directly influences how they feel, by choosing properly this will bring positive or negative things to the day.

More and more people are trying to satisfy this basic need by using platforms such as Netflix, since they usually offer a fairly comfortable service. But to stay entertained, you need to know how to search and find the best movies on Netflix .

Now, for those who want to enjoy a more personalized experience that also includes the same quality of content as these popular platforms, what option is there?

There is the possibility of having the best series, movies and music in the same application, and that is Plex, but how to add or install Netflix in the Plex application? The article will focus on answering these questions in a simple way, just pay attention to each instruction.

What to use as a server?

You need to own a server to use Flex, but what is the correct way? Let’s focus on identifying the server, this can easily be your computer or maybe you are looking for something more sophisticated you can opt for a NAS server. In the same way you can install and configure Netflix on a Roku player

From the computer

Logically it will be much easier to use your computer as a server, since this equipment is usually at hand when necessary. Obviously your hard drive will have to have enough available space , as you will need to store a lot of content.

The Internet connection you have must be stable in order to correctly carry out the process of retransmission via streaming that this type of application requires.

Having an account in Plex is a very important step, because in this way it will be easier for you to customize the settings of this application not only on your computer but also on others.

The best of this that you can do is free and the process is extremely simple to do, just go to the official Plex site, select “Sign up” indicates if you want to continue with Gmail, Facebook, Apple or register an email and password. When filling in the necessary data, all you have to do is click on “Create an account” and that’s it.

Once you have your Plex account, you will have to proceed to download the Server version of Plex that best suits your computer. And as we said before, you should have enough space, at least 2G of RAM and an Intel Core i3 processor or successors. Do not forget that your connection to the network must be good for the process to be completed more effectively.

From a NAS server

If you prefer to do it with a NAS server there are several Plex-compatible options that you can use such as Netgear, QNAP, Western Digital, Seagate, Synology, and others. You must choose any of these options and install them as you normally would with any other, something very simple.

Since you have some acting on your computer, configure Plex Media Server from its web browser. Next, as a mandatory step, you must log into the Plex account that you have created, thus obtaining the information and content that this application offers when entering.

How to add or install Netflix on the Plex app step by step?

You can use the plugin to include Netflix content in your Plex library of movies and series, and here we will show you how. An important fact is that this plugin allows you to move around the Netflix platform normally, but only on Mac OS X computers, something sad for Windows users. On the other hand, it is also possible to download and install Netflix on your Wii console

Step 1

You will have to install the plugin you need on your Mac, the “Microsoft Silverlight” , for this you must first download the installation package from the Silverlight website. Then you just have to select the downloaded “Silverlight.pkg” file and install it as it will be indicated on the screen.

Step 2

Proceed to enter the official Netflix page with Plex , for this there are two options, the first to locate it from the Plex website and the second is using the “Plex Online” option Whatever the medium, the goal is to access Netflix.


Step 3

You must select the link titled “Install Netflix Into Plex” that will appear on the screen, and in this way launch the Netflix plugin. From that moment on you can access your library and click on “Netflix” to enjoy the content.


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