How to add or accept a friend’s request in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

This is the great video game of the moment, since it has characteristics that make it one of the best experiences in augmented reality . The goal of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is to help the wizarding world regain balance after being the victim of a terrible tragedy, which includes griffins, fairies, beasts and more.

You will have the possibility to sneak into the Muggle world, likewise, this game allows fans of the saga to get more involved with the feelings that this great magical universe can convey.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has a style similar to Pokemon Go since it requires a gyroscope and interaction with the real world (In fact, its creator is the same).

You will be able to enter an evolutionary journey, where learning, winning objects, learning spells, etc., is a fundamental part of the journey; but, what adds a great point in fun is being able to share and play in real time with friends.

While the mission is completed and the level increases, the player can connect with other friends to go through missions and obtain prizes together; however, there may be various drawbacks to the game.

From the gyroscope function disabled to not being able to play with friends, then this is where the question arises , what to do when you do not know how to connect with other friends in the game? Stay with us and we will teach you all the steps you have to follow to be able to add friends in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

How can we add or accept a request sent by a friend in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

The process of adding friends to Harry Potter Wizards Unite is done through a personal code that each player has. This works like a friend request, the person is searched by entering the code that identifies them, they are asked to be their friend, and they can accept or reject the request.

Accepting friend requests in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

To have a new friend in this incredible game, you just have to accept their friend request , for this you have to follow these steps.

  1. From the home screen of the game, press the “social” icon, this is represented by the figure of two magicians together.
  2. Once inside the social menu, you will see 2 sections, the upper one has the “add friend” button, and the lower one is the tray of pending requests, you just have to accept (or in that case delete) the request you want and that’s it, you can play and complete missions with your friend.

Add friends in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If this time you want to add a friend in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, just have their social code and continue with these steps:

  1. Again within the social menu, press the button «add friend», already there, 2 boxes will be shown, the bottom one is to add friends using your code.
  2. Enter the information of the other player, and press “send”, of this you will have successfully sent a friend request.

How do I submit my code in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

If what you want, instead of sending requests and accepting them, is to know your personal code and share it , the steps to follow are:

  1. From the initial screen enter the «social» menu.
  2. Within this, continue to press « add friend «, 2 boxes will be displayed, one to add friends, and another to share your own code.
  3. You can select ‘copy’ or ‘share’. For the second case, a menu will be displayed with various options to share the code, among these is: MSM, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Your friend will receive a message inviting him to add you, along with your code.

What are the benefits of playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite with friends?

Mainly, the mere fact that Harry Potter Wizards Unite is  multiplayer is a great advantage of the game, as it increases the fun, both as a team and individually. In addition, having more interaction means more playing time, which promotes leveling up and discovering more and more fantastic things.

Playing as a team also allows many benefits for the player; like bonus experience points, prizes and magical challenges, so, as they say, “everything is better when you do it with friends.” So you have to go without fear and ask all those close friends with whom you can enjoy playing the friend code.


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