How to add multiple photos to one Instagram post


  • 1From phone
    • 1Android
    • 2iPhone
  • 2Via computer
    • 1Smmplaner

In 2017, Instagram developers added the long-awaited feature to combine multiple photos into one post. From that moment on, users had the opportunity to combine posts into linked chains, and not post the same photos from the rest one after another. Let’s figure out how to add multiple photos to one post on Instagram using smartphones with different OS and computers.

From the phone

Initially, the application was developed specifically for smartphones, so there will be no problems with publishing on mobile devices. Let’s figure out how to add multiple photos using 2 main mobile operating systems.


  1. First, open Instagram and click on the button for taking a new photo / video. It is centered on the bottom panel and looks like a plus in a rectangle.
  2. We will be greeted by 3 download modes:
  • Gallery – previously uploaded or taken photos on a smartphone.
  • Photo – Take a photo in real time.
  • Video – take a short video.
  1. We are interested in the ” Gallery” option . After tapping on it, pay attention to the ” Select multiple ” button with an accompanying icon of attached files.
  2. By selecting this item, a small circle will appear in the upper right corner of each photo – this is the number of the added file. Please note that the maximum number of photos in one post is no more than 10.
  3. By tapping on ” Next” you will go to the editing menu, where it becomes possible to apply a filter from the list that appears to all attached files at once.


Let’s move on to the instructions for Apple devices:

  1. Click on the button where a new publication is added.
  2. We switch the shooting mode to ” Library“. This will load the footage that has already been taken.
  3. Pay attention to the ” Select multiple” button . Tap on it 1 time.
  4. The application will now allow you to download multiple files at the same time.

Via computer

Using the official Instagram website, it’s hard not to pay attention to its stripped-down functionality. Having logged in under a personal login, the user is allowed to watch the feed of publications, recommendations and configure a number of account parameters. The main function – shooting and exposing your own content is not.


Using the Smmplaner service is the only option to add several photos at once and combine them into one post. Consider the detailed instructions for adding:

  1. Follow the link: Click on the “Login / Register” button.
  2. We select the item ” Register“. Or log in to the service using the options presented.
  3. Enter the necessary data and go to your personal account, where we click on ” Accounts” and connect your Instagram.
  4. Go to the “Posts / Create Post” tab and click on ” Schedule Post“.
  5. It remains to click on ” Photo / Video” and download the necessary files, as well as set the date and time of publication.

Now you know how to add multiple photos to one Instagram post using all popular platforms. It remains only to use our instructions and start publishing quality content.

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