How to Add Languages ​​On LinkedIn

In this social network, profiles have become one of the main tools to find work or clients for your products and services, so it is very important to add all the skills you have to make them more interesting and professional for the general public. . In this post we will explain how to add languages ​​on LinkedIn .

Thanks to all the updates to this platform, users can now add a total of 50 new skills to make their profiles more attractive. Consequently, we will show you the basic steps you need to follow to add a new language to your profile skills. To do this, it is necessary that you follow each of the steps in detail, which we will explain here.

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Benefits of being multilingual in the workplace

Benefits of being multilingual

Being able to speak several languages ​​in the workplace is undoubtedly a great benefit that will put you a step above those who speak only one. According to research carried out by experts, it has been proven that both young people and adults who speak two or more languages ​​perform much better in the labor market , achieving greater skills in solving any problem.

That is why, adding another language to your LinkedIn profile is a very good alternative, since it will make many more companies interested in you. Especially those where people who are fluent in certain languages ​​are required. So these are the top benefits you can get from being bilingual in the workplace.

1- This gives you more confidence in various work situations.

If you master two languages, Spanish and English, you will have the opportunity to face various situations that may arise at work, for example, when communicating with a foreigner. In this case, it is necessary to know how to properly handle any type of people who come your way, leaving a very good personal and business image.

2- Allow you to travel and get to know other cultures.

Anyone who speaks a language other than yours has the opportunity to get a job that allows you to get to know other cultures and travel the world. This is because, despite the importance of this, many people in the world still do not speak two or more languages , so there is less demand for this type of work, which allows for always more opportunities.

3- It helps you improve your resume

Listing the languages ​​you speak on your resume is a valuable asset, as it will always put you one step ahead of the competition. You must bear in mind that any employer will always be more inclined to seek multilingual candidates. You should also know that mastering French, English, German or any other language will always increase your chances of getting a job abroad, and you can add languages ​​on LinkedIn, which will help you a lot.

4- Increase your chances of finding a job.

There is no doubt that mastering two or more languages ​​gives you the opportunity to increase your chances of landing a job, as it increases your organizational skills and the desire for personal improvement. A great alternative to get job offers abroad .

How to add languages ​​on LinkedIn and improve your profile?

Put languages ​​on LinkedIn and improve your profile

It used to be impossible to add new skills to your social media profile as everything was so limited. However, with the latest updates to the platform, all this has become possible, and now you can add up to 50 new skills that will allow you to have a much more professional and attractive profile, including adding languages ​​on LinkedIn.

Consequently, here we will show you the basic steps to add a language to your social media profile.

To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First, you need to choose the ” I” icon located at the top of the platform’s home page.
  2. Then click on ” View Profile“.
  3. Now you must select the option ” Add profile section” under your name.
  4. Then, you must choose the “Skills” or ” Skills” section from the drop-down menu.
  5. Here you will be prompted for a skill field, in this case one of the listed options, for example ” Language“, then enter the language (s) you speak and click “Add”. This new modification will be automatically added to your profile.

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