How to add items to my Amazon Wardrobe cart?

There are many people who today buy through the internet , whether it be purchases such as food, technological equipment, and many other things. In the case of clothing lovers, many times people have certain doubts about whether they will fit or not, or there are also some who do not like to buy without trying things on, so here we present the best option and it is Amazon Wardrobe.

This has its own Delivery service and brings the items to your home so that you have the comfort of trying them on, so in this article we will tell you how you can add these products to the Amazon Wardrobe cart.

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  1. How to enter my cart to make purchases
  2. How many products at least do you have to add to your cart?
  3. Maximum number of items you can add to your cart
  4. How to buy the products in my cart
  5. How can I empty products from my Amazon Wardrobe cart

How to enter my cart to make purchases

If you want to buy from Amazon Wardrobe it is very similar to buying from Amazon online, and doing so is too simple. To enter your cart and make purchases you must log in as you usually do, then look for the products or items that you liked and want to buy, once you have selected the item you have to see if it has an icon or logo at the bottom indicating Prime Wardrobe.

Since this icon is the one that tells us if the product can be purchased through the Wardrobe function, because this is the one that allows us to test the products and in case we do not like to return them.

How many products at least do you have to add to your cart?

The purpose of this feature is that the more products you take home, the more likely people are to buy them.

So in Amazon Wardrobe the minimum of products is three . As we already know, among the products that we can order we have clothing, whether it be dresses, blouses, shoes, accessories such as jewelry, and even hats. And we can find this available for men and women from the most children to the most adults.

Maximum number of items you can add to your cart

In Amazon Wardrobe the maximum number of products you can order to try on is 8, which you must enter the cart, it should be noted that if you ordered the 8 items and you liked none, you can return them and there will be no problem, you just have to have a lot Take care to return it as it was delivered, that is, without any stain or any broken.

How to buy the products in my cart

As we have already mentioned, to buy a product in Amazon Wardrobe you must log in as you normally do, if you have not logged into your account for a long time and you forgot your password, do not worry, you can recover it in a very simple way. Once you have logged in, you just have to locate the search bar and write what you want to buy, here you can choose the size and color of your preference.

What if you have to be very aware is that we mentioned earlier that said products in the image have the Prime Wardrobe logo, since not all articles are available for this function.

Once you have your 8 garments in the cart, after 6 days or less the items will arrive at the address you have given so that you can measure them, and that is when your trial period begins which consists of 7 days , in you will not have to pay anything yet. These products are for people who are residing in either Spain or the United States.

As soon as you know what you are going to buy, you just have to go back to your account in the part that says your orders, there you have to click on the option to keep.

We also remind you that to use Amazon Wardrobe you must have an Amazon Prime subscription . Finally, you pay for the products by means of a credit card or other means that is allowed by the company.

Something important is that if in the end you bought 3 pieces or more, Amazon Wardrobe gives you a small discount for that.

How can I empty products from my Amazon Wardrobe cart

If for any reason you want to remove an item or product from the Amazon Wardrobe cart, deleting it is very simple. All you have to do is click or click on the image of the cart, by doing so you will be able to see all the items that you had loaded and next to them will be the characteristics of each one.

And at the bottom is the option to delete , you only have to select those products that do not interest you, you can leave the cart completely empty and it will be ready for you to fill it again.


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