How to add friends in Fortnite

Undoubtedly Fortnite has stood out as a hilarious multiplayer video game, in fact, this Battle Royale shows its best side when we play with friends or acquaintances, it is for this reason that today we will teach you how to find and add friends to Fortnite to play with they?

How to Find and Add Friends to Fortnite to Play With Them

How to find and add friends to Fortnite to play with?

As with any other multiplayer game, playing with friends will always be more fun, for this reason Fortnite has multiple game modes that you can play with other users and acquaintances.

The game frenzy in Fortnite becomes much more interesting when playing with friends. In addition, it should be noted that the video game offers many options related to multiplayer exchange, in turn it is possible to enter various game modes. Also, if you ever blocked someone, you can easily unblock your friend in Fortnite to get them back on your friends list.

The most common game modes to play with friends

  • Duos: in this mode, two people can play, entering a pitched battle against 49 other couples.
  • Squad: Squad mode allows up to four players to play who will enter the pitched battle mode, where they will face 24 squads.
  • Team Melee – Team Melee mode is arguably the most hectic within Fortnite. Here two teams of 20 players will face each other, making it possible to create very large groups and play with many friends.

Search and add friends in Fortnite

To play with your friends in Fortnite, you will need to have their usernames , which represent the identifiers that you must enter within the game to be able to play with other people. After this, it will be necessary to send a friendship invitation, which the other person must accept in order to play with you.

Although the function of adding friends is different depending on each console, the truth is that the principle is practically the same regardless of the platform you play on, you should be able to add friends in the following way:

  • Open the game or download it if you haven’t already from the epicgames website .
  • After the above, select the game mode “Battle Royale” .
  • At the top left of your screen you should find the friends icon, click on it.
  • Several options will be displayed, you must click on “Add Friends”.
  • There, write the username of the person you want to add and click on the “+” symbol.
  • After this process, a friend request will be sent to the user, you will have to wait for him to respond to be able to play with him.

Play with friends in Fortnite

  1. In the event that you want to play with a person, you just have to press on the friends icon that is located at the top and left of the screen.
  2. If that person is connected, you will see the notification “Online” , if so, just click on the username and then on “Join group” or “Invite group” .
  3. When that person accepts your request, they can start a game together. You can even give skins to your friend in Fortnite if you wish.

Fortnite is Crossplay

Maybe you didn’t know it, but Fortnite is Crossplay, which means that anyone regardless of their platform can play with any other user. In other words, a PlayStation 4 user will be able to play with a person on a computer and in the same way with any other platform. In fact, you can talk in Fortnite with other people by activating the microphone during games.

Undoubtedly, the Crossplay condition of the video game has greatly contributed to its success, since the video game is available within multiple platforms and there are no limitations as in the case of other games. In addition to this, Fortnite is completely free.

Fortnite is a game that for different reasons, both technical and playable, has become a classic of multiplayer video games. This is a highly entertaining competitive video game, which is even better when played with friends.


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