How To Add Folder Tabs in Windows 10 Explorer

Windows Explorer is an element that is present in different operating systems, it is really useful. With it we can organize and control the different ways of storing. On the one hand, it is true that over time this Windows explorer has improved, an example of these improvements is the file explorer found in Windows 10 , however, it would be more functional if it had a tab system , let’s see which ones would be the benefits of using tabs in this browser.

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  1. Benefits of using tabs in Windows 10 Explorer
  2. What softwares can add tabs in Windows 10 explorer?
    1. Clover
  3. What are the functions of the context menus in the File Explorer tabs?
    1. Pin Tab
    2. Double
    3. Reopen the closed tab
    4. Favorites bar

Benefits of using tabs in Windows 10 Explorer

Using tabs in Windows Explorer would allow you to have multiple locations in a single window , isn’t that really useful? Imagine that you have to go to different files and folders to perform some function, either cut or paste, for this you must open different windows, and after you have found the file you must search among all the open windows for the place where you are going to copy it, Although it may not seem like it, between searching and searching we are wasting time.

But the use of the tabs would save us all that searching , so we save time, the work would be easier and almost everything would be at hand, since we can have several pages open in a single browser window. To use this function it is not necessary that we wait for it to be added to Windows 10 Explorer, we can look for alternatives. Let’s see one.

What softwares can add tabs in Windows 10 explorer?

So we can use a software that helps us so that our Windows 10 explorer can open several folders in one place, and what will this software be?


It is an extension compatible with the Windows explorer that has multi-tabs as a function , as it happens in Google Chrome. With this software you can have different folders in a window, you just have to click on the tab you want to use. If you are interested, you can download Clover and install it on your computer, it is very easy to do so.

This software is very easy to use and is compatible with the browser, after being installed you can work with its multi-tabs and use the different keyboard shortcuts that it offers, for example: Ctrl T opens a new page, Ctrl W closes the page and so on, all its functions are advantageous when it comes to working.

What are the functions of the context menus in the File Explorer tabs?

The contextual menu is present in all Clover tabs, it presents us with different options such as: Pin Tab, Duplicate, Reopen the closed tab and Favorite bar. Let’s see what each of these options is for .

Pin Tab

This option is for the selection of tabs, you can get it with the right or secondary button, the contextual menu will open and you can choose the Pin tab, which will help you to fix the folder so that when you need to access it, it will be more quick to find her .


Clover allows you to duplicate tabs very easily using the mouse, to achieve this you must click the secondary button on the tab that we want to duplicate and we choose the option to do it, which is Duplicate, it is something really useful, since it allows us to continue having that page available .

Reopen the closed tab

It has happened to all of us that we have accidentally closed a tab that we are using and we want to recover it, this recovery option is offered by Clover, you can do it easily and quickly. What you should do is, click the right mouse button, there you will see the context menu and the option Reopen the closed tabs, ready, you have recovered that page.

Favorites bar

To use this option you just have to go to the wrench icon, select Settings. In this way you will have the favorites bar active to use it at any time. Now to add favorites to the bar you just have to select the option Always Show in the Favorites Bar, which you will find in the configuration window. When you already have the folders added to favorites you will be able to have them from this bar .

It is very true that Windows has become the most used operating system, because of how easy and practical it is. Therefore, in addition to Clover and the default browser in Windows 10, there are also other browsers that you may be interested in. If this information is your case, we invite you to know the best alternatives to Windows Explorer .

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