How to add featured stories on Instagram

How to add featured stories on Instagram.Adding featured stories on Instagram allows you to create a collection of memories to share with followers.

In a fleeting world like the one around us, having memories is all we have left. If years ago it might have seemed much more “simple” to create memories by collecting the photographs we took in a paper album, with digital everything has become so ephemeral. Fortunately, thanks to social networks , the possibility of creating digital memories , putting together photos and videos, seems to be facilitated again by the powerful servers of these websites that store everything in memory. In fact, the posting activity we carry out every day is not only a way to share our thoughts and photos with others, but also a way to collect moments to relive in a future time.

This is also possible for those who frequently use Instagram as a social network on which to publish moments of their everyday life. For some time now, a new feature has been added to the platform and in a few clicks, for Instagram subscribers, it is possible to access the archive of posts and published stories. Unfortunately, however, the archive is visible only to ourselves so other users will not be able to see what we have published over time. If we want to share our memories with others, we can highlight the stories on Instagram. The exciting thing is that stories can be grouped into a single block, recreating the lived experience, or reliving moments, even a whole year long. Do not fear! If you don’t know how, we’ll see how to add Instagram Featured Stories in just a few steps.

The stories highlight may very useful to go back not only to collect what we published in one place and create our collection of memories , but also for those who use Instagram to “promote himself,” to show others their passions or, above all, for those who use Instagram for business purposes (for example influencers). Therefore choosing to highlight a story on Instagram means enriching your profile with significant experiences and moments, showing others our working collaborations, the places we have visited, the parties or concerts we have been to. In short, this is another way that Instagram makes available to tell others how we are and what we like!

What to do to highlight stories on Instagram

There are two ways to add featured stories on Instagram :

  • It is possible to do this from published stories if the twenty-four hours have not yet passed;
  • You can do this from your profile, creating a totally new block with the stories you have shared over time.

To put a story currently being published among those in evidence, the procedure requires very few steps:

  1. Open the currently published story;
  2. If you have more than one in the course of publication, identify the one you would like to highlight;
  3. Then, tap on the heart-shaped icon at the bottom with the words “highlight”;
  4. Choose the name that will label the featured story visible directly in your profile, below the bio and just above the posts.

The second procedure, on the other hand, is much more complete because it allows you to highlight multiple stories together . You will then have the opportunity to create a collection of stories, also published at different times of the year. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to your profile, then press the (+) iconlocated in the “Featured Stories” section (it is the section in the center, just below the biography and just above the published posts);
  2. From the archive of stories that will be loaded you can select multiple shares to be grouped into a single collection;
  3. By clicking on each of the stories you will see the circle at the bottom right tick.
    Remember, each collection can include up to 100 stories, but fear not: as you select the stories, Instagram brings up the item count and once it reaches the cent it notifies you;
  4. Instagram also suggests some collections that you could create based on the places you visited, the hashtagsused or the formats used;
  5. Once you have chosen the stories to add in evidence,presses on “Next”;
  6. Choose the titleto give to the block of featured stories, edit the cover to customize the preview and click on “Finish”.

Once you have created a collection, you can view your featured stories directly in your profile: at any time you can edit them, delete them in bulk or just some of those added to the collection, but also add new ones.

Change the cover of featured stories

Before we say goodbye, we want to tell you that every featured story has a cover . When there are multiple stories in a single block, usually, the cover consists of the preview of the first content selected. The great thing though is that you can modify it to your liking , personalizing the collection of memories even more.

Probably, if you are a frequent user of Instagram you will have often noticed some stories in evidence with very particular covers, captivating and beautiful to see. You can modify the cover both before completing the creation of a block (step 6 of the procedure seen above) and after finishing. In this case you will have to press and hold on the block of stories highlighted, tap on “edit the story in evidence and in the center press on edit the cover to select an image to your liking from the smartphone gallery.

The ideal would be to have a particular background with a symbol or writing to better distinguish one block from another , to create real memories, separating them by place or experience or year of one’s life … in this case the word d order is: creativity!

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