How to Add Epic Games to Steam

It is common that when referring to the game service, which has as its main platform a PC that, one of the best known so far, is the popular Steam in which hundreds of players have found a wide catalog of games which they can download and enjoy on their computers. This game allows you to link with social networks like Facebook , as well as its installation in a virtual machine .

However, and as is common within the video game industry, various companies have tried to innovate and thereby promote various services that offer many more benefits to their users.

In this case, one of the services we are talking about here is the Epic Games Store, which has reached the hands of users with various important proposals that many do not want to miss, despite the fact that the favorite of many people is the aforementioned Steam.

At the same time that all this occurs within the world of video games, companies like Microsoft are looking for a way in which they can enhance their platform in favor of locating a privileged position within games, all this through their official store of the Xbox .

Updates that we have been able to see little by little within the Windows 10 update which have been shown progressively.

If they have come this far, you will be able to realize that everything in this world is connected and users always want much more than what companies can give them, for these reasons, within this post we want to help you know the simplest way with which you can add various Epic Games games to your Steam platform, easily and quickly.

Start by connecting your Steam account to your Epic Games account

In order to start the whole process it is important that you first connect both accounts with each other, for this, you just have to follow these short steps:

  1. Log in with Steam within the Steam community , and then proceed to enter the Epic Games launcher.
  2. Once this is completed, go to the right, where you will see a ” See all ” button and there proceed to press the icon with the ” + ” sign .
  3. Once inside you must click on the Steam option. However, if this option does not appear, the best thing to do in any case is to log into Steam from your PC and proceed to restart the Epic Games launcher, after which the icon should appear without any problem .
  4. Once this part is ready, you must select the Steam account, which you want to connect to your account.
  5. You will see that your browser window will open, the login of your Steam account and also a confirmation message of the correct login.
  6. From now on, you can see that your friends and Steam games will also appear in the suggested list of Epic Games.

Start adding your applications

When you have entered all the login credentials for your session, you will be able to see various changes within the platform, in this case, we will focus on the main interface, in which we will be able to see a menu option called ” Library / Games ”

In which if we have carried out all the previous procedures correctly, we will have the possibility to see all those titles that to date have been added to our personal account.

If we go down to the end we will find a link, which will say the following ” Add a product “, that is where after pressing it, we will see the option ” Add a non-Steam product … “.

Next, we will see how a new window opens, in which little by little it will load with a list, in which various third-party games will begin to be included, which are in other applications that we have installed within our computer. Here we only have to select the titles that we want to add to our personal Steam account and thus run them from there


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