How to add emoticons and edit photos through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an application that uses the Internet connection of your mobile device to send voice notes , messages to other people and even heavy videos through its platform. You can communicate with anyone in the world as long as you have it in your mobile phone contacts.

If you have used this application often, it is likely that you have sent a photo to someone. Here I will show you how you can edit, add emoticons, draw and even decorate by putting an image to send. As well as I will teach you how to fix the size of the photos you send before sending them without leaving the application.

But first we must enter the editor of the photos you send. It is very easy to do since it seems to be how it prepares to send a photo, when you click to send a photo from your gallery you should get a menu window where you can add a comment next to the photo or also send it at once , this menu is part of the editor found in WhatsApp


To use this I need to look at the top right of your screen, on the logo that appears there you will have to press and you will be able to send in chats, conversations, contacts and a photo through this application for your device. Now I will explain the steps to add emoticons and edit your photos in the WhatsApp editor.


  • How to add emoticons and edit photos through WhatsApp
  • How to draw on the photo
  • Add filters
  • Add text

How to add emoticons and edit photos through WhatsApp

Add emoticons

People use emoticons in their day to day, and maybe you would like to place some of these in a photo or put the emoticon to a WhatsApp contact as well as an image to convey what you think about your photo.

All you need is to click on the emoji icon and from there we can place the emoticons. Besides this we can also arrange the emoticons in a way that makes it look better.

It should be noted that the emoticons will have the appearance that is in your operating system , not those that we can normally find in the WhatsApp application. Your emoticons will be seen depending on your operating system, each of these is different from the other.

How to draw on the photo

I already explained how to add emoticons, now we just need to put an artistic touch to the photo. To draw on the photo you have selected you will have to press the pencil icon that appears at the bottom right of the whole, you must press the color you want the tip of the pencil to have and be able to paint your photos.

If you cannot find the brush options, or their thickness, because they have not yet been implemented in this application. You can only change the color of the brush. If you change the color brush, it will not change the drawings that you have already made in the photos, with this you can take out the drawing side and create a work of art using all the different colors that we can find.

Add filters

Although you cannot see an icon to do this, it is easy to place an emoticon in the photos, you must slide up and thus you will access the filters menu, you will not find many but some of those are quite convincing filters.

Add text

If you want you can add a text on the image instead of placing a comment, it is quite simple to do, you must click on the icon of the text button that is represented by the letter ” T ” after having pressed it should automatically appear the option to write. After this we can also modify the text in many ways.

These would be some of the functions of the WhatsApp editor , in each of these settings there are many more things that would help you in addition to those that were already mentioned, it is not difficult to use and if you get the best out of it it could be of much use to you. To do this obviously you will need to have or create a WhatsApp account.

That you can download from the latest version of the Play Store to make sure we have all the new tools and the most recent. Successes !.


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