How to add domain to Cpanel and install WordPress on Banahosting?

WordPress is one of the most useful websites that can be used if what you want is to create a quality blog. This is due to the simple interface it manages, and the freedom it gives users to manage and edit their domains themselves. That is why today you will learn how to add domain to cPanel and install WordPress at Banahosting.

And, if you want to be the true owner of a professional blog , the first and foremost thing you should do is have your domain. Without that people will not be able to recognize you and you will not be able to edit the name of your own blog. This domain may sound a bit tedious, but in reality it is very easy to do as you will see below (obviously before continuing you should already know how to buy a hosting and domain , because if you don’t you will have to learn it first).

Add domain to cPanel and install WordPress on Banahosting

What you should keep in mind before starting the whole process of adding domain to cPanel and installing WordPress in Banahosting, is that you should only do this if you already have a domain , and you want to add a second, third or more (that is, already you must have gone through the process of adding and purchasing a second domain at Banahosting ).

Now, to begin you must go to the main page of banahosting   from the search engine of your preference (it is indifferent).

Once there, scroll to the top where the US flag appears, and click to open a drop-down menu where you can select the Spanish language (the page will be in English by default).


When you have already done that, go to the section that appears in the upper right corner called ” My account “, enter your information and click ” Login “.

This will take you to the main page, here you must stand above the drop-down that is in the options bar above, called ” Domains “, with that several options will appear in a list, press the one called ” My domains”.

In the section that you are now in, check that your domain is active, if so, click on the ” Services ” selection and then on ” My services “.

Next select the option called Banaprofessional deluxe Unlimited SSD which is highlighted in blue. Finally, in the new window that will open, look for the option ” Add to cPanel ” (which is in the lower left in the list of actions) and press it.

cPanel and WordPress installation

When you have finished all the previous steps, you will be closer to being able to add domain to cPanel and install WordPress in Banahosting, since now you will be in the cPanel administrator.

Once there do the following: scroll down with the mouse until you find the section called ” Domains “, choose the option “Additional domains “. Now you must put the data of your domain in the boxes that ask for it and then create an FTP account.

At the end of everything, click on “Add domain” , if everything went well you will get a confirmation message, saying that you have successfully configured the domain.


What you have to do now is configure WordPress, and for that you must do these steps: first go back to the main cPanel page and scroll down until you find the ” Software ” section, in this select the option “Softaculous app installer”.

Then once the next page loads, click on the WordPress icon (there are many other services), and then press “Install now” . Then configure the required fields such as: domain placement (enter the new one), the directory, the description, the administrator user, among others.

Finally, once everything is configured, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press ” Install “, with that it will be ready and your domain will have been configured successfully.

You just need to start editing it, so that everything is to your liking and you can upload content whenever you want. You can already say that you know how to add domain to cPanel and install WordPress on Banahosting, so go ahead and enjoy your new knowledge. And remember that if you run into any problems, you can always disable or delete a website in Cpanel .


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