How to add bookmarks in Firefox Rocket browser

Firefox Rocket is a new browser that was designed as a lightweight version that I know I can use in places where the connection is not good or the devices do not have power. In addition, one of its characteristics is that it has an advertising block .

This mini version is still under development, but you can still download and use it. Firefox Rocket will help you save data as much as possible , in turn, it takes up very little space, it is a lightweight application.

This new browser is interesting and stable, in the same way you can add your bookmarks from Google Chrome to Firefox , here we will explain step by step how to achieve it. Also, this mini version is colorful and easy on the eyes of users even more than other browsers.

Discover how to add bookmarks to Firefox Rocket

This new browser is the most appropriate when you are going to work with your mobile data, in turn, this application does not accept saving bookmarks in case you want to enter again later. This function is also provided by other fast and light browsers.

But, it should be noted that in Firefox Rocket there is a way to have bookmarks added to the browser . Next we will explain how to achieve it.

Steps to add bookmarks to Firefox Rocket

This procedure can be accomplished through Firefox’s built-in functions . First of all, the system has a method called offline which means, screenshot of the websites.

The browser is responsible for saving an image by means of capture with the information that is being displayed at the moment. It will automatically be in the gallery of the device and you can access it without having the active data.

There are two ways to view the image , the first is through the gallery and the second through the application . Taking into account that you can only read it but you will not be able to navigate it.

Then when you find the image through My shots in Firefox, a history will appear with all the captures in the order they have been saved. By selecting the one of your preference you will see five options which are:

See the information of the image, edit it, share it, delete it and the most important thing is to access the link of the capture, which is the official site where the capture was made. So, if you choose this last option, the Firefox Rocket browser will take care of taking you directly to the browser where the image was saved.

It is a simple method with which this mini version has to have bookmarks in your browser, you can access them without any inconvenience.


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