How to add another hard drive to a virtual machine in Windows 10

virtual machine is a software that creates an independent layer and that is capable of emulating the operation of your PC with all its components. You can add a second hard drive and if you don’t know how to do it, in this article we will explain what steps you should follow. And we are sure that you will also be interested to know that you can install an operating system on an external hard drive .

How to add another hard disk to a virtual machine?

This procedure of adding a second hard disk can be done with an existing virtual machine, or it is also possible by adding a hard disk when you customize the hardware of the virtual machine while it is being created, all without the need to clone the virtual machine.

Let’s take an example, you may need to provide additional disk space for an existing virtual machine with a fairly large workload. While the virtual machine is being created, it is recommended to add a second hard disk that is previously configured as a boot disk.

  • What you must do is very simple, just make sure that you know the settings and warnings very well to add this hard drive.
  • Before adding another hard drive larger than 2 TB, you should be sure of the conditions and limitations of such action.
  • Now you must make sure that you have this privilege, so go to Virtual Machine, then go to Settings and finally Add new disk in destination folder.

During the virtual machine creation procedure, a hard disk and a SCSI or SATA controller are added to the virtual machine by default depending on the operating system being used.

If the hard drive did not perform as expected, did not meet your needs, then you can remove it and add a new one when the creation process is complete. In case you add multiple hard drives to create a virtual machine , you can add it to multiple controllers and thereby improve performance.

What is the procedure?

The first thing you should do is right-click on the virtual machine in the inventory and select the Edit configuration option .

This second step is not essential to do. If you want to remove the existing hard drive , then you must move your cursor over the drive and click the Remove icon, you can also increase the size of the hard drive in a Virtual Machine .

You will see how the disk of the virtual machine is deleted. If you have another virtual machine that shares the same disk, the files on the disk will not be deleted. Locate the Virtual Hardware or Virtual Hardware tab and select the New option

Hard Disk or New hard disk , and in the drop-down menu select New device and click Add. You can see the added hard drive in the list of devices.

Now you need to expand New Hard Disk. If it is your wish, you can enter a value for the disk and in the drop-down menu, select the units.

Now select the datastore location where you will save your virtual machine files. Select the format of the virtual machine disks and now click Next.

You will see in the drop-down menu the Shares option where you will have to select a value to be able to assign the shared use to the virtual disk.

Now select Custom or Custom , and enter a number of shares in the text box. And in the Limit – IOPs section you must specify the upper limit of storage that will be assigned to the virtual machine or simply select the Ultimited option. Ultimited is the upper limit of I / O operations per second allocated to the virtual disk.

Finally, you must either accept the default virtual device node or simply select a different one. Typically the default virtual device node should be accepted.

It is quite useful for a hard disk to use a node other than the default one to control the boot order, or it is also good for having different types of SCSI controllers .

It would be very convenient if you boot from an LSI Logic controller and could share a data disk with another virtual machine using a Buslogic controller with bus sharing enabled.

This last step is optional, it is not essential, but if you wish you can select a disk mode and then click Ok or OK.


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