How to add and buy a second domain at Banahosting

Banahosting is a program that offers shared storage services from the internet. Allowing you to create from a domain to position your web page very easily. In this article you will learn how to add and buy a second domain at Banahosting – fast and easy.

Today we will teach you how to do it in a few steps, you can create and buy a domain , you will also learn how to add and buy a second domain to your Banahostin account. We wish you the greatest success in the experience.

How can I add and buy a second domain at Banahosting? – Beginner level –

If you want to enter Banahosting  as a beginner, initially you must choose the topic of your website and the topic you want to discuss. Then you must enter Banahosting and hire a web hosting. In it three plans will appear, choose the one of your preference.

If you only want to have a single domain for the whole month, you can choose the basic plan , but if on the contrary you want to have several domains, we recommend that you use the professional one, with a monthly cost. First we will show you how to add and buy a domain at Banahosting.

Steps to add a domain in Banahosting

Once your plan has been selected, it will redirect you to another page where you must put the previously thought name , if it appears in red it is because another person has that name already chosen, which makes you have to change it .

The next step in checking that your name is available. Then click to continue, now two more screens will appear, where it will not be necessary to modify anything, simply click to continue.

Steps to buy a domain in Banahosting

Now, after the previous steps, you will find the page where you will have to buy your domain and the monthly plan; To do this you must click on checkout  and you will have to fill in the form on the page. Likewise, you will have several payment methods, choose the one of your preference.

When paying, it will refer you to your domain page. In order for this page to be activated for you, the instructions will be sent to your email provided in the previous step, in this way you will have bought a domain on this platform.

Steps to add and buy a second domain in Banahosting easily

If you have been using a single domain in Banahosting for some time and want to add another, what should you do? This is what we will explain below.

First, go to your Banahosting page, when you enter the page you will be able to see the domains already active, but in this case you only have one, then you must click on the domains that are in the upper part, and then click on “ register a new domain “.

Once there, you will have to verify that it is available, for this place the keyword of your page in the search engine; proceed to click next. Now you must include the address to which your domain points, and this will be linked to the hosting you purchased previously.

How to cancel a second domain in Banahosting

Open your mail and the servers of your domain will be copied those links, and paste them on this page. Proceed to click on continue. Now the page that finalizes the costs of your domain will appear, click to pay. Again fill out the form with all your data and payment methods and you must complete.

Once this is done, you will be sent an invoice that you can download Like the first time, your domain will appear pending, after a few hours it will be active but how do you add it? You will have to go to “our services”. Then a kind of page will appear, you must click there, and then on “enter cpanel”.

When you do this you will enter the Banahosting administrators, go to the part where »domains» appears, and enter additional domains . When you enter there you will have to enter the name of your domain already created, and the other fields will automatically be filled, click to add .

Create an ftp account , enter the name and password in the form that appears at the bottom. Finally, click on “add domain”.

In this fast and easy way you can add and buy a second domain at Banahosting . Do not forget to leave us in the comments what you think of the information provided.


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