How to add and border slides in PowerPoint quickly and easily?

Presentations are always intended to be original, therefore, putting borders to slides in PowerPoint can be an interesting complement. This task can be quite simple , there are many options available and the truth will be a quick task once you understand how it is done.

We recommend that before working with the borders of the slides, you previously configure the margins of your presentation .

Why border slides in PowerPoint?

A presentation, regardless of the reason for its preparation, always deserves details that make it stand out, make it look striking and colorful. Many times, we try to find elements that stand out, but at the same time are discreet and can emphasize the information that is being imparted.

Additionally, the edges provide uniformity between the slides, especially when it is for important presentations, this is synonymous with neatness.

It is common to find presentations where the edge, without being too marked, manages to capture the attention of the listener, making them consider it as a very presentable element.An exhibition can be made for many reasons, from making month-ends, presenting projects, tasks, proposals and much more, they are too useful .

In some jobs, creativity is highly valued, therefore, presentations with a large number of elements and without being overloaded, can be considered a great skill.

What to do to border slides in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has always offered a world of possibilities for its users, which is why understanding how to place borders can be a plus to the knowledge you already have .

Really, creating borders is a feature that many people achieve through different methods, in a way, you will probably be surprised how to do it.

First, you should know some tools , if you handle image copying, shape drawings and PowerPoint menus, you are ready to create borders.

First, you must start the application, enter PowerPoint as usual, open a new presentation or display the presentation that needs the borders. Well, once the presentation is open, you can start with any of the methods that we will tell you below. Check each one and choose your favorite.

Design your own borders in PowerPoint

Boring slides in PowerPoint is easy when you design them yourself, it really takes just a few clicks and in minutes you’ll have borders.

To begin, in the toolbar, you must find the “Drawing” section. Here , open the menu in the “Shape fill” section and select “No fill”.

Again in the “Drawing” section select “Line Color” and determine the color that your border will have once created. You can use the eyedropper if you want a specific color.

In the option “Shape outline” determine the aspects you want your border to have, line thickness and type, gradients, solid color and much more, create the ideal border.

Once finished, place the inset, which you can create with the click, around the slide sheet, release it, and edit the sides to make them perfect.

If you want, you can make a border thicker than others by dragging the points of the rectangle. This is a fairly simple and fast option.

Use predesigned borders

Few people know that PowerPoint has an image service available, this is known as “Clip-Art”, a great feature of Microsoft PowerPoint.

To access this, you must go to the toolbar, select the “Insert” tab , there, you must find the images section. Then, enter “Online Images”, this will display the search, you will have several options, among them, “Clip  Art” in its search bar write “Borders”.

Once you have the border you want, select it and place it correctly on the slide and voila, it will be seen in excellent quality, these images are designed for PowerPoint.

Finally, knowing all the ways to border slides in PowerPoint , you just have to start designing your presentations with this new knowledge. If you want to make sure that the edges of all your slides look the same, PowerPoint gives you the option of comparing two slides by placing them side by side.

One way to work faster in the design of your presentation slides is by downloading predesigned templates , which provide you with unique and professional designs and if you wish you can make changes to them; such as font style.


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