How to add a website shortcut to the ChromeBook shelf?

When the Chromebook came out it was a huge success. This was due to the great features that were implemented in it, as well as how easy it was to use its interface. This is precisely why everyone wants to know more about this product today , so today you will learn how to add a shortcut from a website to the Chromebook shelf.

These devices are literally one of the biggest competitors that Windows and Apple have (mainly due to the fact that you can even install and use Linux on a Chromebook ), and therefore it was obvious that a shelf was going to be removed to rival that of the Windows toolbar and the Mac Doc. However, this does not work the same, and to know how to use it well you have to read a tutorial.

Add a website shortcut to the Chromebook shelf

To add context, you must know that the shelf is basically the application launcher of these devices, as well as the place where all the shortcuts to the pages most visited by you during the day are stored.

Of course, if you want to have these accesses and customize your Chromebook , you have to perform a series of steps (it is not automatic), so that you can answer the initial question How to add a shortcut from a website to the Chromebook shelf ? , you must first go to the Chrome browser.


Once there, go to the web page which you want to add to the shelf as a direct access, when you are inside it press the Chrome menu button, which will be represented by an icon with three horizontal lines (it is in the upper right corner from the screen).

This action will open a drop-down menu where you will have to stand over the section called “More tools”, that will make a sub menu appear where you must click on the option “Add to the shelf”.

With that, you should now be in a different section, where you can configure the access as you want, the most important option within it is to “Open as window”, since enabling it, each time you give access, a new tab will open and the one you are using will not be replaced.

At the end of editing everything as you like, click on ” Add ” to confirm the changes and add the link to your shelf automatically. So everything will be ready, so you already have the answer you were looking for.

Add or move an App

With everything you read in your mind, the initial question of How to add a website shortcut to the Chromebook shelf should already be answered , so as an extra you will see the process to add a frequent App to the desktop, for this you must make sure that your Chromebook is updated.


To achieve this, you must first click on the selector that appears in the corner of the Chromebook, which is like a circle with an arrow on the side. By giving this arrow it should be positioned up, allowing you to search for the App you want to add.

When you find it, stand on top of it and press the right click of the mouse, that will let you see some options within which you must select “Set in the library” , with this the App will remain on your desktop as a shortcut.

If you want to remove it, you just have to right-click on its icon again and choose “Do not fix” , so that it will automatically disappear from the desktop or library, but it will not be deleted, you can find it even within the device.

And that’s it, so you can create the accesses you want to the programs or apps that you like the most, you must remember that you can install any Android app on your Chromebook and add their respective shortcuts.


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