How to add a payment method on Instagram

Instagram for some time now, has implemented methods with which you can make purchases within it. A very useful function especially if you are going to create an Instagram profile for companies.That is why today you will learn how to add a payment method on Instagram?

And it is that learning to pay in a social network is essential today, since these are the main media where mass advertising is consumed, so having the payment option within themselves provides great comfort to users who make life on different platforms such as Instagram .

How to add a payment method on Instagram if my card does not accept?

The first thing you should know is that the fact that Instagram does not accept your card is not due to a problem with the application, although you can always try updating it in case you have not done so.

If the application does not accept your card it is either because it is not compatible (Instagram only accepts: cards such as Mastercard, Discover, Amex and Visa) or because it may be expired. You can also try correcting the numbers it asks to see if you entered something wrong but this is usually not the case.

In the case of being any of the above, you only have to correct the errors that is, or try with a different card or renew the one that is expired. In this way, you can make adequate and strategic use of the links on Instagram when sharing your payment method.


So once you have applied this, the question about how to add a payment method on Instagram if it does not accept my card will be answered If the error persists you can always contact technical support for help.

Link a card

Although it may seem a lie, many people cannot link their card because they do not do the due process that Instagram asks for, so here you will see how it is effectively achieved.

The first thing you should do is obviously open the application go to your profile and then to the side panel, which is accessed by pressing the icon with three stripes. Once here go to the bottom of all the options and press ” Settings ” this will open a section where you must press ” Payments “.

Remember to back up your publications in case of an eventuality, making a backup copy of the photos of my Instagram account , keeping everything in order if a new update is necessary.

Here three options will appear, the first one is called “Payment methods” click there, this will open the next section that will let you see a single option called “New credit or debit card” press it.

When you have entered, it will let you enter the following information: the card number, the security code and the billing postal code. Put it all (make sure they are fine), press accept and that’s it. With this, the answer to how to add a payment method on Instagram if it does not accept my card should have been more than clear ?

Protect payments!

If you have successfully completed the above, you just have to go back to return to your profile, but you will notice that in the ” Payments ” section just below the previous option there is another called “Security PIN” press it.


This option will help you protect the card you just saved with a PIN, since what it does is configure this 4-digit password so that anyone who has access to your phone with or without permission cannot buy anything without first placing it.

When you have already pressed it, you will see that it lets you enter a section which only has one option, which is the “ PIN ” configuration , activate it if it is disabled, and then on the next screen that appears, configure the 4-digit password .

This must be done twice for Instagram to confirm the option, having already placed it, open it and you can return to your profile to buy what you want in the application.

And voila, with that last thing you already know two things, number one , how can I add a payment method on Instagram if my card does not accept? And two, how to configure the card as it should.


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