How to add a password to my Amazon Prime Video account?

The Amazon Prime Video platform offers you the best entertainment in movies, series and documentaries that you can enjoy when you subscribe to this service. Everything in one place so you can enjoy a weekend watching the best of movies and television from your home. And what’s more, share your videos with your family and friends.

This service also allows you to protect your account by adding a privacy PIN , from the devices you have. And if you already subscribed then keep reading this article and you will learn how to change your password and reset it in case you forget it. So grab a pencil and paper and see how it’s done so easily.

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  1. What setup to add an Amazon Prime Video PIN on the web?
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  2. What is the procedure to change the password for Amazon Prime Video videos?
  3. How to reset the password on my Amazon Prime Video account?

What setup to add an Amazon Prime Video PIN on the web?

Streaming platform services are the most convenient alternative when it comes to enjoying series, movies, and documentaries that are available on these platforms as a family . Currently there are many streaming platforms that you can choose for your entertainment. But here we will talk about one, from Amazon Prime video.

Sharing your Amazon Prime Video account with your family may not be so pleasant due to the different tastes that each one may have. Therefore, thinking of providing entertainment and pleasing everyone’s tastes, Amazon Prime Video allows you to have a different profile so that each one can access the recommendations of these platforms based on the interests of each member of your household.

But in addition, once you acquire your account, you can protect your privacy by adding a PIN to your Amazon Video account, limiting the access of people outside your account and doing so from various devices that you have. View the setup steps to take to add a PIN to your account .

Fire TV devices

It is very convenient and advantageous for you to add a PIN to your Amazon Prime video account, not only to prevent third parties from invading your privacy, but also to prevent the smallest members of your household from accessing your account and viewing inappropriate content. That is why you must enter a security and protection PIN. The way to add a PIN is different for each device , such as Fire TV devices.

For this case, the steps are: You enter the Fire TV home page and locate Settings, click on the Preferences option. Next, you must click on Parental Control and to activate it you must enter a PIN, digits that are easy for you to remember.

Then you proceed to choose the level of restrictions to play videos on your account according to age. In this way you will be restricting access to certain content on this device. You can also install and watch Amazon Prime Video on a Smart TV if you want to.

PC or Mac

Having a PIN will give you peace of mind knowing that others will not be able to snoop on your Amazon Prime Video account and that your children, especially if they are still very young, can see content that is not appropriate for their level. This control is very important to establish when purchasing the services of this streaming platform.

If you have a PC or Mac, you can also configure and assign a PIN to your Amazon Prime Video account from there. To do this, you must act as follows: Enter the Amazon Prime Video Settings , then click on Parental Control. There you must add a PIN and then you must click on Save. By entering the PIN, the changes will be applied to all your devices where you have an Amazon Prime Video account.

What is the procedure to change the password for Amazon Prime Video videos?

When purchasing Amazon Prime Video services, you must create a password, which you will use each time you log in to your account. But many times it happens that you want to change your password because several people know it and you want to keep your account and the content you see in it private.

That’s why you can change the password. This procedure is very simple to carry out. To do this, you must enter the official site on the Amazon website and enter your account with your username and password. Then, you must locate the Login and security section. This action will take you to another page, where you must click Edit and enter the information requested to update your profile, including the password.

After entering your personal information , your phone number, email and the new password, click on Save changes. And that’s it, this is the procedure to change the password for Amazon Prime Video videos. Something very interesting is that you can also enjoy Amazon Prime Video content from your Android mobile device.

How to reset the password on my Amazon Prime Video account?

On the other hand, it may happen that you have forgotten the password and do not know what to do to access your account and continue enjoying the streaming content. We have the solution for you, the most suggestive thing in this case is that you proceed to perform the password reset. It is very easy to do it, that’s why we teach you immediately.

You enter the official Amazon password help page . Once inside, you must write your email address or in any case, the number of your mobile that is associated with your Amazon Prime Video account. After inserting the required data, click on Continue.

Next, a message will be sent to your mobile or email so that you can create a new password. When you create it, it will be enabled and will serve you for all your accounts that are related to Amazon and the email entered. Remember to create a password that is easy for you to remember but at the same time not so vulnerable that others can use it. In this way, with a few simple steps you can reset your Amazon Prime Video password.

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