How to add a number to the blacklist

Sometimes without a blacklist in a mobile phone. Especially if bots or callers are calling, from whom the light would run behind the eyes. The step-by-step instructions provide clear instructions on how to block numbers on Android and iPhone.

How to block a phone number on Android

Smartphone users on Android 4.0-4.2.2 can add numbers to the blacklist only after saving the subscriber to the phone book (read, to the device’s memory). Three steps how to do it.

  1. Enter contacts and select the number of the person you want to disconnect.
  2. Simultaneously call the menu with the button, which you will find on the panel under the screen.
  3. In the menu, select “Direct (direct) blocking of incoming” – click on the window opposite to confirm.

For Android 5.0, the scheme is the same, except for the menu item: click on “Call forwarding” to redirect to voicemail.

  1. In firmware Android 6.0 and higher, the scheme for adding to the section has been changed and expanded.
  2. In the “Contacts” application, click the subscriber – a window will appear with options for the available options.

Check the “Block” box.

Samsung “Phone” (select number) → “Menu” → “Settings” → “Block”
Xiaomi “Settings” → “Menu” → “Antispam”
Meizu “Settings” → “Blocking spam” → “User blacklist”

In the updated OS phones, the procedure is slightly different: “Contacts” → click on “Show more” → select “Block” in the drop-down menu. The banned subscriber will hear intermittent beeps or a message that the line is busy.

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How to block a phone number on an iPhone

It became possible to add a subscriber to the blacklist only in iOS 7, since there was no such service in previous versions.

Three actions to block.

  1. Click on the “Phone” symbol and select the “Recents” or “Contacts” tab.
  2. On the right is the “i” icon, touch it.
  3. Select “Block” from the offered options.

To view all rejected annoyances on the iPhone , open the “Settings” application (the “Phone” sign) and click on “Blocked”. On the right, at the top in the “Edit” section, you can correct it: add a new one or delete it.

In the second option, to block calls, including those where there is no ID (cannot be identified), you can configure the “Do not disturb” mode.

Two steps how to do it

  1. In the “Settings” application, select the “Do not disturb” function → slide the switch to on → look in the upper corner on the right, a crescent symbol appears.
  2. Click on “Calls admission” → two positions will open:
  • “From the chosen ones” – add friends and family members here. You will not receive calls from other numbers.
  • “From all contacts” – in this case, all subscribers from the list of contacts are allowed. Those who are not listed in the phone book will be rejected.

For iOS users of previous versions, you can advise all numbers to be entered in one contact, designating, for example, as “Unwanted” and set the absence of sound and vibration under them in the settings.

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Contact blocking apps

AppStore and Google Play offers a large selection of specialized applications for blocking a phone number. They do not take up the memory of the smartphone. The purpose of their creation is to simplify and expand the blocking options as much as possible:

  • from the phone book,
  • last incoming,
  • enter numbers manually.

A number of useful functions have been expanded, such as:

  • at a given time – you need to specify a specific hour segment;
  • a separate room.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with three free applications in Russian, which you can find and download to your device in the AppStore and Google Play.

  1. “Call blocking” – you receive a notification about the automatic reset of the subscriber, which is also noted in the call log.
  2. “Don’t pick up the phone” – creating your own Spam database and boycotting hidden recipients.
  3. “Black list” – adding numbering by the first digits, setting a specific time for its activation.

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Blocking a number with an operator

The service package has a function of rejecting incoming calls. Call notifications will not come, and the dialer will have to listen to a voice message stating that the subscriber is out of range. This is a paid service according to the current tariff plans.

How to quickly connect the lock:

  • call the operator,
  • through your personal account.

You need to go to the website of your operator and log in. In your personal account, go to the section of connected services and select the “Black list”. After the service is activated, drive in unnecessary contacts. An unwanted call is not displayed on the screen, and if necessary, you can always ask your mobile operator how often they called you.

All considered call rejection options are simple to execute. This feature has some advantages. After all, the ability to take control and neutralize the negative from communication is a constructive solution to protect yourself from a person, which you can do without.

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