How to add a Flickr Widget in WordPress

Among the improvements and modifications that can be inserted within the WordPress platform, there is the possibility of adding a Flickr widget to improve the appearance or display of images in the sidebars.

These spaces are intended for the location of these accessories, which increase the degree of detail and functions that can be placed within the site.

The WordPress editing screen has a default setting for inserting galleries within the front-end, but many people are not satisfied with the customization it offers.

That is why such a popular space as Flickr enables the insertion of shortcuts to other pages, working through links so that users can enjoy the content comfortably.

Why should you add a Flickr widget to your website?

This space with a characteristic name has been offering its service for free on Internet networks for many years. Currently it is called a social network, which allows you to publish images and videos for a short time within your community. And in turn, it enables direct access links to facilitate the location of content.

Despite being considered as a site for interaction with people, it is actually used as a storage platform or “cloud”.

That is why its developers have looked for a way that its content can be shared efficiently on other sites, so that each visitor can easily view it and access the source page with a single click . Even download the images and videos from the platform to your smartphone .

If you would like to give a new look to the image gallery of the platform that you have created in WordPress, that site is the ideal option. Over the years it has remained in constant use, which has increased its popularity and the number of users that make it up. Additionally, Flickr widgets are constantly updated, increasing their security and efficiency .

Among the benefits it offers, and which you can also enjoy by entering one of these, is the ability to publish high-quality content. Manage album, add tags, comment and share the content.

The ideal Flickr widget for your WordPress page

Its name is Meks Simple Flick Widget, and it is known as a free plugin that can be obtained, installed and downloaded through the add-on search bar that constitutes the platform’s editing screen.

After having activated it, its configuration section is found within the list of “Widgets” options. Which you can drag and drop within the sidebars.

The greatest benefit of this tool is that it has a very simple configuration. Which is simply to add information and determine the appearance.

In other words, you only need to insert the title of the Flick widget box , the user of the network that corresponds to you. And finally the number of photos you want to be shown, along with the dimension of each image.

At the end of this configuration, it will only be necessary to click on the blue ” Save ” button and then apply the modifications to your front-end.

In this way, you just have to refresh your website and enjoy the look of your new gallery. Which with just a click will take you to the Flickr profile of the author of the site.

Slickr Flickr, a second option if you want to increase the degree of customization

This is a well-known Flickr widget, as it allows you to display your gallery images with different display options , including slide mode. Unfortunately the configuration of this plugin requires more dedication, so it is recommended to use it only if necessary.

Improving the appearance of the elements of your website is an indispensable factor for those who use WordPress as their base platform to design. That is why it tries to offer quality options to those who decide to insert a new function within the front-end. So that each user can have optimal experiences and results.


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