How to activate YouTube PiP mode on Android phone?

ouTube is the video giant, nobody disputes that. Not only because it is one of the longest-lived platforms in the world, but also because of all the features that it has added since its inception for all its versions (for example, now you can watch 360 virtual reality videos ). That is why today we will learn how to activate the PiP mode of YouTube on my Android Cellphone.

And since YouTube does not stop innovating you cannot stop learning, much less if you are a fan of comfort. Since what the video giant brought to the table was a function that allows users who meet the requirements, to view videos in thumbnails while using other applications within the mobile.

What is PIP mode and who can use it?

This is a function or tool designed as a complement to the YouTube mobile application , which came out in one of its most recent versions.

Basically what this new function allows is that the videos are played in miniature while you use any other application. In other words, you can watch a cooking video while talking on WhatsApp without losing detail.

Or leave a song playing while you check Facebook. What YouTube did was hear the prayers of users who asked that it was not necessarily necessary to be in the application to watch a video.

Of course, activating the YouTube PiP mode on my Android Cellphone is not free , since the function is not available for all users, only for Premium users and for those lucky enough who live in the United States and their phones have a version of Android oreo that allows to run advertisements in PiP mode.

In the case of computers, if you can activate the picture in picture mode for YouTube in Firefox and Chrome. And although it is not so necessary here, it is still a different experience, since you can not only activate this mode on YouTube but you can also  watch Netflix in a floating window , and use many more pages in this way.


Activate YouTube PiP mode on my Android Phone

If you meet the aforementioned requirements then it is time for you to learn how to activate this useful function that YouTube implements. The first thing you should know is that it is already activated by default for those devices with Android oreo 8 or higher, if this is not your case, or in yours it did not come activated, then you must do the following:

Go to the Android settings, from there go to “Applications and notifications”, and then ” Advanced “, then click on the option “Special application access” and then on “Picture in picture”.

Right after this touch ” YouTube ” and culminate by pressing ” Allow picture in picture “, this will enable the PiP mode of YouTube on my Android phone immediately.

Open and close the PiP function

Once the function is activated, it will allow you to use it, its operation is very simple, you just have to start playing a video and then press the start key on your cell phone, this will automatically turn it into a thumbnail that you can drag all over the screen.

And when you get bored you can close it just as easy, you just have to press the player twice to get the options and then hit the X that is there.

Or you can also choose to drag the video to the bottom of your mobile, which will make it disappear automatically.

In the event that you want to deactivate this function so that it does not show it anymore, you just have to repeat the same steps you did to activate it and that’s it.

With this, the question about how to activate the PiP mode of YouTube on my Android phone? It should have been completely cleared, and its use also has to be quite clear.

Go and try this wonderful feature that you have been waiting for so long, and if you are one of the unlucky ones who still cannot enjoy it, be patient until this feature is no longer premium.

Remember that you can also activate the picture in pictire mode in Whattsap , so that you can perform any task and chat at the same time.


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