How to Activate Yap card

The virtual credit card Yap It replaces the traditional credit card allowing you to transfer money, withdraw and pay via your smartphone or tablet. The Yap prepaid card has been specially designed for young people but can be conveniently used by anyone through a very easy to use app. Activating your Yap card is very simple and will allow you to shop on the internet in complete safety.

The Yap card will allow you to do all the operations that are normally done with a classic credit card and not only … you can use Yap for your purchases in almost all stores or for online purchases but also send money with the possibility of withdrawal in Worldwide. the Yap prepaid card has an Italian IBAN to receive wire transfers from Italy and SEPA area countries.

Activate Yap card

To activate the Yap card you will first have to download the app for your mobile phone. From the app, press the Discover YAP button and press the Next (twice in a row) and Register buttons .

At this point enter your phone number and click on Continue and enter the 6-digit verification code that was sent to you via SMS in the appropriate field. Next you will need to enter your email address in the Email field and click on the Continue button .

Then enter your personal data in the Name and Surname fields, click on the Add photo item to add a photo to your account and click on the Continue button to continue with the registration. You will then have to enter your tax code.

You will then need to upload a valid identity document. you can choose to upload the paper and electronic identity card or the driving license or the passport. Then press the OK button and allow YAP to access the camera of your device; photograph the front and back of the previously selected document by pressing on the circle icon at the bottom, then check that all the data are clearly visible and legible and press the Yes, it is readable and Continue buttons .

Enter your document details in the Document number, Issuing body, Citizenship, Document release date and Document expiration date fields and tap the Continue button .

To complete the registration and activate the Yap card, it will be necessary to record a video in which it is necessary to pronounce a phrase shown on the screen.

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