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If you have a website you should know that keeping its security is one of the most important and difficult things to do, especially when it is on such a large server. This is why different methods have been created so that the user feels more and more calm . If you want to know how to activate two-step verification in WordPress, learn everything in this article.

Another way to keep your page safe and make it safe for users is by installing and activating the SLL security certificate .

Two-step verification What does it mean?

In English Two Factor Authentication (2FA) represents a different security system for systems, accounts, or pages. It is a plugin that adds more security, since two passwords are needed for access. The requirements that are needed are a password and a kind of virtual key that will be on the mobile or some other device.

WordPress is a page that has many tools and plugins to create websites in the easiest and fastest way possible, and also has plugins to improve the positioning of your website.

One of the advantages of this method is that it will not be necessary every time you enter from the same IP address. Since, after the first time, a Cookie will be added to it, and will be previously recognized by the accounts in which you use them.

In Google, the two-step verification, when you log in, you enter your password and then you receive a text message or call with a specific code (which is never repeated). With this, you can now access your account.

When you manage to activate two-step verification in WordPress, you significantly reduce the possibility of cyber attacks . It is important to remember that as mentioned above, security flaws will be reduced but is not 100% foolproof.

In addition to two-step verification, you can also prevent someone from trying to enter your WordPress account without permission by limiting the number of logins.

Why use verification in WordPress?

There are many reasons why to protect your spaces in the network. In general, there are always those who seek to extract valuable information or seek to ruin the work that has been achieved. There are different forms of web attacks for which activating WordPress 2-Step Verification is active and ready to stop.

  • It often happens that someone can try many times to find your password, this is called a brute force attack . And, although you may not believe it, many of the passwords used by users of this page are found on the same website. There are password dictionaries that are used by up to 73% of users.
  • You may receive an email asking for your password and username, perhaps other extra information. This is done in order to weaken and attack your page in a personal way. In general, people tend to trust the sender and fall into the trap.
  • It manages to activate the verification in two steps in WordPress so that you avoid the spam of the SEO articles . This means that they are filled with endless links that are hidden. Its objective is to present fraud websites and position your website on blacklists.

Learn how to activate WordPress two-step verification

In fact, there are different plugins that you can use to activate two-step verification in WordPress. You just have to choose the one that suits you best and the facilities of each one are quite similar. You can try with which one is more comfortable to do it.

  • In WordPress, go to the “Administration” panel and in the “Pluggins” option it indicates “Add new”. Select “Search Pluggin” and type 2-step verification.
  • There, you will see a list of those that you can see and choose the one you want. Install the one you have chosen and click on “Activate plugin”. You only have to do this once. Now you must activate the verification for your user as such.
  • In your WordPress profile, position yourself on the profile photo and select the option ” 2-step verification “. Click ” Turn on ” to activate it, select the phone you have to receive the code or email.
  • If the code is to reach your phone, you must download the application itself and activate it. Scan the code that will appear on your computer screen and enter the code for your phone. With that you are ready to start using two-step verification.

Make sure to protect your website created in WordPress against malware, viruses and malicious code, which can harm its operation.


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