How to activate touch tablet mode in Windows 10?

The Windows 10 touch tablet mode is a mode that has been created so that you can activate it, if you need it, because with it Microsoft seeks that the experience of all users is according to the device they use. If you have a tablet with this version of Windows, or a computer that can be turned into a tablet , knowing the steps for activation is essential.

In addition to the touch tablet mode in Windows 10, you can also use only the touch keyboard on your computer which allows you to resize it according to your preference.

Is Windows 10 tablet touch mode for computers?

Many Windows 8 users presented, at the time, certain criticisms about the interface of this version, which sought to keep “happy” both mouse and keyboard users, as well as those with a touch screen.

For this reason, you can find the Windows 10 touch tablet mode, and yes, both in computers and laptops , as well as in those tablets that have this operating system.

In addition to the tablet mode, Windows updates brought with them many other modalities such as, the god mode that allows you to make all the configuration adjustments you want, is like a master key.

Another option that this operating system offers you is the developer mode , which will provide you with very useful tools for creating and developing applications of any kind.

What is tablet mode used for in Windows?

It should be mentioned that this is a totally optional mode , so you can decide to use it if you require it, or keep the normal functionality of the system.

Do you wonder why they have created this particularity? Well, to provide an interface that adapts perfectly to the requirements of touch screens, in this way, the use of the system can be carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

Actually, these are changes that can be seen much better when using a tablet, and among these the most notable is that the programs started on the taskbar will no longer be displayed.

In addition to this, you will appreciate the Start menu on the entire screen and not just on one side, as you were used to in computer mode.

You can also enjoy split screens, so versatile on tablets. With the particularity that, when dragging one to the side, it will be anchored instinctively and, as for the windows, they only allow being in full screen.

How do I activate the touch tablet mode in Windows 10?

Activating the Windows 10 touch tablet mode is very simple, and it will not take you more than a few seconds and much less effort. To begin the procedure, your Windows 10 computer or tablet must be turned on, and the session must be correctly started.

You must remember that just as you can turn your laptop into a tablet, you can also use it only with the vz command thanks to the Windows 10 Cortana assistant .

Then, you must access the “Panel of  notifications”, this can be done through the taskbar. It is represented by the icon that is located on the right side of it. You can also recognize it by its presentation, as it looks like a thought bubble or message. By clicking on it, the corresponding menu will open.

At the bottom of the item, you will see some customization and adjustment options for your equipment. In this case, you must press the first one, which clearly indicates that it is “Tablet mode”. Immediately after pressing it, you will be able to see the changes of the modality, without the need for any extra step or restart.

Can I disable this mode?

Yes, deactivating it is just as simple as activating the Windows 10 touch tablet mode, in fact, you will have to enter the ” Notification Panel ” again.

But, this time, you will see that the “Tablet mode” button is activated and has changed color to indicate its status, then, to change it you simply have to press on it again.

Is there a way for it to activate itself?

For some devices this mode can be activated automatically. For example, when dealing with convertible computers , when removing the keyboard connection this mode will be activated automatically.

In the case of the tablets themselves, it is common that this interface is already installed as default, to adapt to the equipment without having to make changes.

You can even use this property without having a touch device , although it is not recommended, since it is not intended to be used with the mouse or keyboard.


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