How to activate the reading mode in Google Chrome?

Today we are going to see how to activate the reading mode in Google Chrome in a very simple and especially fast way. This mode will make our lives much easier when browsing different websites.

What exactly does the read mode do? Basically what it does is eliminate any kind of content that may become annoying, leaving only the text. It is ideal for when we visit a website that is full of annoying advertising, for example.

In this way we can focus solely on the content, enjoying reading it without having to deal with other distractions. It is quite useful to read tutorials, guides, news, articles of interest, etc.

Next, we are going to see in detail how we can activate the reading mode in Google Chrome . It is something that will take you a few seconds and you will be able to enjoy this interesting mode which can make our browsing experience considerably improve.

We are going to go into details a little further down, follow this tutorial to the letter and you will not have any kind of problem.

Activate reading mode in Google Chrome

You do not need to install any extension , what you have to do is open the ” Experimental functions ” section in Chrome. Here you will find functions that are still being tested, so some may pose a problem for the stability of the same. However, if something strange happens, just come back here and disable the feature.

In order to do this, you will have to open a new tab in Chrome and type chrome: // flags then you hit enter and you can immediately enter a fairly extensive list of functions.

To find the one we are interested in, what we must do is press ” Ctrl + F ” to open the search box and write ” Reader Mode “. After this, if you look to the right it says ” Default ” press and change to ” Enable “. Now restart Chrome and you can enjoy this mode.

How to use reading mode in Chrome

Now you will be able to see a button that has three horizontal lines in the upper right part of the screen, right next to the address bar. This gives us access to read mode.

We cannot deny that this reading mode still needs a lot of work. But you can now try it and enjoy its features in Chrome without having to install anything from third parties.

Enable reading mode in Chrome for Android

In case you want to activate this mode, but for Android. Actually, you are going to have to do the same thing that we told you before . Everything works the same way. You enter chrome: // flags and activate ” Reader Mode “, restart the browser and you will be able to see the option at the top of it.

As you can see, it is quite easy to activate the reading mode in Google Chrome. Although it still lacks enough development to catch up with Edge Dev . However, it is a good first step and it never hurts to have this option in the most popular browser of the moment.

Remember that the reading mode is in the experimental functions of Chrome . Which means that it is not stable, it is not perfect and it can generate errors, it is not a common thing, but it can happen.

In case you experience any kind of problem, it would be advisable to deactivate this function and test how the browser works.

Remember that through chrome: // flags there are experimental functions which have not been released and are in beta (and many will never be) since they are in testing phases, so you should be careful when time to activate them.


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