How to activate the microphone on Skype

You tried to contact your friend using Skype , the famous video calling and messaging service owned by Microsoft, but you didn’t get the desired result. The conversation, in fact, proceeded one way: you listened to what your friend said, but he could not hear a word of what you said. This is just what happened, right?

It can happen, don’t worry, it’s just a small problem activating, or rather, deactivating the microphone. In any case, I am pleased to inform you that in the next chapters I will explain in detail how to activate the microphone on Skype in a simple and fast way, regardless of the software version and the device you use to make your video calls.

How do you say? Can’t wait to start and finally be able to solve the problem? So make yourself comfortable, read carefully what I am about to tell you and put into practice the suggestions I will give you. In no time at all you will be able to activate the audio of your microphone and talk to your friend. Let it bet?


  • How to activate the microphone on Skype from PC
  • How to activate the microphone on Skype from smartphones and tablets
  • How to activate the microphone in Skype Online

How to activate the microphone on Skype from PC

Are you wondering how to activate the microphone on Skype through your PC ? To do this, the operations to be performed are very simple.

First of all, if you use a Windows PC , open the Skype application , by pressing on its icon on your desktop or by searching for it via the search bar next to the Start button (the one with the Windows flag) and then pressing, then, on the Open item ; or, if you are using a Mac , by clicking on the relevant icon in the Launchpad .

At this point, if necessary, log into your account by entering your Username and Password , or click on your user profile to log in directly (in case you have stored the account data on your computer).

Once logged in, click on your profile picture and, from the menu that opened, select the Settings item to access the panel of the latter. Now, in the new window opened, click on the Audio and video item , reach the Microphone section , scrolling down, and select Default Microphone from the options present.

Then, decide whether to keep the Automatically adjust microphone settings setting active or disable it by moving the lever to OFF (automatic adjustment, however, is recommended).

Once this is done, you can start a free trial call by clicking on Make a free trial call to check the operation of your microphone. Easy, right?

How to activate the microphone on Skype from smartphones and tablets

If you use the Skype app , for Android or iOS / iPadOS , on your smartphone or tablet, you probably did not activate the microphone the first time you started the app, or in any case you have not granted Skype permission to use this feature.

To solve the problem, first of all, go to the Settings of your device, by tapping on the relevant icon on the main screen.

Then, if you are using an Android device , press on the App item , to access the specific section, and tap on the Skype icon . In the new screen that opened, press on the item App permissions and activate the lever relating to the Microphone option by moving it to ON .

If you use an Apple product , on the other hand, after tapping on the Settings icon , in the screen that opened, scroll down until you find the Skype entry and press on it. Now all that remains is to move the lever next to the word Microphone to ON and you’re done!

To check what has been done, tap on the Skype app , log in by entering your credentials , and make a call to test the operation of the microphone. With this little trick you shouldn’t have any more problems (unless, unfortunately, your microphone is broken).

How to activate the microphone in Skype Online

Are you using Skype Online and your microphone isn’t working? Probably, as with mobile apps, you did not allow access to this tool during the initial setup of Skype Online and ended up blocking it.

To solve the problem you can follow this simple procedure: to start, go to the official Skype Online page , using a compatible browser ( Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge ), enter your credentials and press the Login button . Once logged into your account, click on the three vertical dots icon (top right) and choose Settings from the menu .

Now, scroll to the new page that has opened, reach the Privacy and security item and click on the Site Settings option . Once done, in the new page opened, click on the Microphone item , select the microphone you want to use, and check the lever, setting it to ON , next to the Blocked item .

In this way you will activate the Ask before signing option and, every time you enter Skype Online, a small pop-up will open in which you can press the Allow button to activate the microphone. Easier than I thought, right?

If, despite all the suggestions, you have not been able to solve the problem, I recommend that you read my guide on how to contact Skype for assistance on the matter.



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