How to activate the LED light on Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50

Undoubtedly the LED notification light can be very convenient for us to notice when we receive any message or any other notification. Given this, we will guide you through the process so that you learn how to activate the LED light in the notifications of Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 .

Do Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 phones have LED notification light?

As soon as a SIM card is inserted into a Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50 , it is easy to see why they have positioned themselves as some of the best in terms of quality and price on the market. In any case, to reduce costs, the Samsung company has had to make certain decisions and cut certain expenses.

Given this, it is common for the question to arise whether the Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 mobiles have LED notification light. Right off the bat we tell you that no, the A range mobiles (at least these models) do not have the classic notification LED that we find in other devices. Either way, there is an alternative that these cell phones present to us.

The alternative to the LED present in the Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 cell phones

The Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 cell phones use a different method to notify the arrival of messages and other notifications. These mobiles make use of screen flickers and camera flash . It’s clearly not quite as subtle as the typical notification LED, but it does the job quite adequately.

Most surprising of all, is that most owners of these devices do not know about this interesting function. It is not for less, because to a certain extent the visual notifications function in these mobiles is somewhat hidden, (yes, as it happens with the option to change the message tone of the Samsung Galaxy A30, A40 or A50 ) in any way, Next, we show you the process to activate this option.

Activate the LED light of notifications on Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50

Fortunately, the process to activate visual notifications on Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 mobiles is very simple. Still, it’s a relatively hidden option that most people don’t know about. If you want to activate this option, carry out the following procedure.

  • The first thing you should do is enter the device’s configuration options, to do this simply click on the ” Settings ” option . Here, you can also make the settings to change the ringtone of a Samsung Galaxy A30, A40 or A50 cell phone .
  • After the above, locate and click on the ” Accessibility ” option .
  • You will see the ” Advanced settings ” tab , click on it.
  • At the bottom you will see ” Flash notification “, click on this option.
  • Two options will be displayed, “Camera Flash” and “Screen Flash” . Select the one that best suits your needs. (In case you do not know how each one works, we will explain below).
  • After the above, you will have correctly configured the “LED” notifications on your Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 devices “

What are the notification settings of the Samsung Galaxy A30, A41 and A50 phones?

In the event that you do not understand very well what is the basis of this alternative, below, we explain the two options present to see notifications on any Samsung device of the A range, models A30, A41, A50 ( also A10, A20 ) . As we pointed out, we find the camera flash option, and the screen flash option that work in the following way.

  • Camera flash: activate this option so that each time you receive a notification, your mobile’s camera flash will blink a few times.
  • Screen flash: if you enable this option, the screen will flash a few times each time you receive a new notification.

Notifications are certainly very useful. In any case, if on the other hand you have problems with your mobile, remember that there are ways to Hard Reset a Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50 cell phone , which can help solve some problems.

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