How To Activate The Developer Options On Your Android Device

All Android devices include a series of options to facilitate the work of mobile application developers, only these are hidden and we have to activate them manually.

This is because the vast majority of Android devices that are sold are aimed at consumers, and touching these options improperly could lead to some functionalities not working properly . It would be like hiding the toys of the older children in the house so that the little ones do not hurt themselves playing with them.

What can you provide us?

Currently, things as important as the unlocking of the bootloader (the system boot loader on the device), which allows us to install a different ROM than the one that came in origin. Or create a backup copy of the terminal on the computer to which we connect it.

We also have options to, for example, keep the cellular data connection always active, or roaming between Wi-Fi and data connection depending on the coverage and signal strength of each one.

Besides, there are also applications that ask us to activate it in order to function properly . An example of this is Splashtop’s Wired XDisplay (which I hope to be able to tell you about soon), which needs to be able to activate USB debugging to work. And this option is only available in the programmer options.

And how do we activate them?

Years ago, each manufacturer implemented in their terminals the way to unlock the programmer options , which since Android 7 is already standardized .

First of all, we have to open those Ajustesof the device (it works the same with tablets as with smartphones):

The Settings icon may look like this or similar (in the image, the Samsung OneUI)

Once the list of settings options is open, we will go to the last of all Acerca del teléfono,:

About of the phone

Once here, we will open the option Información de software:

And we will locate the option Número de compilación. It is on this that we will have to tap seven in a row . In fact, when we are halfway through, we will see how at the bottom of the screen, a message pops up telling us how many ‘hits’ we have left to become developers:

When we reach seven strokes, the terminal asks us to enter the unlocking PIN for security reasons , and once this step has been passed, we will have the programmer options activated, which the system will warn us about:

And where am I going to look for them?

We will see a new option added to the main Settings menu Opciones de desarrollador:

This is where we can hide them again by deactivating them (we can always reactivate them in the way described), or by activating and deactivating what we need:

And remember: be careful what you play there .


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