How to activate the dark mode to Google Docs documents?

You should know that activating the dark mode is one of the best options to save battery and read in places with low light, therefore, understand how to activate it in Google Docs .

It is more practical and simple than activating the dark mode of Microsoft Office , another similar procedure. In fact, dark mode can even be applied on Instegram on Android and Google Chrome.

This is the Google text file presenter that allows you to review those that are uploaded in Drive or those that are sent through Gmail.

What must you do to activate Google Docs dark mode?

First, you should understand that this tool does not have the function of using a dark theme as something native, but you can get it with a.

To do this, you have to need Darkdocs , who, although his name seems somewhat gloomy, is more literal than it seems.

This extension has been developed solely to enable the dark theme of Google Docs. So it’s really quite simple to use, here’s how to install it.

Install Darkdocs

The first thing you should do is log in to Chrome (if you have already done so, ignore this step), to do this, go to and access your account.

Once you have your session open, it is easy to do the installation, enter Darkdocs and install the extension, it is simple, like any other extension.

Using this extension

The truth is, it is quite simple, once the extension is installed and activated, you must enter any document through Google Docs.

You can do it through your Drive or a document received in your email, just by opening it, you will have activated the dark mode to view your documents.

Showing the black background, the gray page and the letters of an intermediate color between light gray and white, the truth is a quite useful exemption for working or reading at night .

Now that you managed to activate the dark mode, complement it with these tools

It is known that most of the people who use the dark mode of the applications, it is because they interact with them for long periods , including at night.

For this reason, it is recommended that you use tools that facilitate work and avoid visual fatigue generated by the constant visualization of computer light.

We have selected some of the simplest tools that can complement the dark mode of Google Docs, making tasks more bearable.

Windows night light

If you have a computer with Windows 10, you can access your notification panel, the one that displays small instant configuration options.

In this you will find the option ” Night light ” this is a color filter that helps reduce the brightness of the screen, reducing the strong contrast between light and dark.

Also, if you use the dark mode to save battery, this option will also give you a few extra minutes of charge, something very useful if you work on something important.

You should bear in mind that this idea is good if you are not working with documents that include images, because this filter makes the colors a bit opaque .

Decrease the number of programs

In case your intention is to reduce the amount of light your eyes receive during a night work period, you can reduce the number of programs you use.

This is something almost imperative, the number of applications that allow you to activate the dark mode or dark themes is quite small today .

Adjust the brightness

This is something you should be used to, adjust the brightness of the mobile screen, the tablet and why not, the computer.

This is an option that can prevent you from using Night Light mode and can also reduce eye strain induced by excess light .

We hope that this article will be of great help to you to learn how to activate the dark mode of your Google Docs documents and take care of yourself a little.


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