How to activate the dark mode or night mode in Signal

Although it is true that we are currently experiencing difficult times due to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, being in quarantine generates anxiety, depression and even stress, so it is a good idea to distract our mind by doing various things that help us maintain our communication with other people.

A good option to do so is the use of social networks, due to its great impact within society, it has generated multiple uses and even more in recent days, having a large audience, which seeks to obtain a creative and comfortable method to interact with loved ones or relatives.

We can register on Tinder , or create an account on Badoo , another very ideal proposal would be to create an account on Instagram, or simply use Signal , to improve the speed and ease with which we want to communicate through these or others, because they exist Thousands of social platforms to discover, and they all bring us positive benefits in every way.

In this article we will explain how to activate the dark mode or night mode in Signal step by step , and enjoy this application at any time of the day, in a much more comfortable way.

How to activate the dark mode or night mode in Signal

This is one of the best functions of Signal, it allows us to  handle the application in a more comfortable way,  especially for those who have vision problems and need a lower light when using the mobile or the computer, to avoid affecting the aforementioned.

The first thing we must do is, open the Signal application directly  , either on our computer or mobile, then we will see an option of “configuration”, we press there. A menu will be broken down that indicates the following:

” Appearance ”, we click there, and then we click on ” theme ”, and finally we click on ” dark mode ”, in turn that we follow these steps,  the dark mode will be activated in Signal , and We can enjoy the application more comfortably, if we want to reverse what we have done, we carry out the same process and press “clear mode”.

Why use Signal?

It is not an application widely used by users, but nevertheless it is named, it is based on the theme of instant messaging and also calls to any contact, it can be a very good alternative if we want immediacy in the process.

The best thing about it is that it is encrypted from end to end providing us with a totally unique privacy, we can download it on different platforms , the developers always thinking about the user’s safety , so that not even they can read our private conversations at some point this is one of the things that has made users love this application.

Compared to other applications that do not strengthen user privacy, this is one of the favorites, we can use it quickly and it is completely free, so we can get it whenever we want.

Advantages and disadvantages of Signal

Like any social platform or tool, it has positive and also negative things, but nevertheless they are not stopped using for the latter, although due to competition the developers of these applications have implemented continuous updates, to improve their services every day and prevent them from the multitude of users away from them.

The good thing about it is that when using it, they ask us to enter a secret PIN, which certifies that no other person can access our privacy of conversations from another computer, and we can also log out from the PC . Through it we can send various files, images, gifs, we can also create group conversations and share audios with our contacts.

It also offers the option to delete messages before other users read them as in WhatsApp, which allows greater security when interacting.

Among its disadvantages we have that we cannot share “ states ”, since the application does not allow it, being a function highly requested by fans, but nevertheless they have not developed it yet, in the same way it does not allow adding or placing a Wallpaper that we want, that is, personalized, it is not valid inside, and finally it does not allow the option of sharing our immediate location.


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