How to activate the dark mode of the Telegram application

Currently it is very fashionable to activate the dark mode on Android phones even in applications. Social networks are not far behind. For example, the Telegram platform has made dark mode available to its users for the benefit of visual health. If you have not yet activated the dark mode, this tutorial will explain step by step how to activate the dark mode of the Telegram application .

How to activate the dark mode of the Telegram application

It is good to configure and know the Telegram functions correctly, in order to get the most out of your application. Next, we show you two ways to activate the dark mode in the Telegram app.

The first is by changing the app’s color patterns and the second is by activating the automatic dark mode ; then, you just have to choose the one that suits your needs.

Color patterns:

  1. Open the Telegram application on your mobile device.
  2. Once inside the application, open the side menu and select the “Settings” option .
  3. Within the “Settings” menu you will see several alternatives, select “Chat settings” (Appearance).
  4. In this new window, look for the “Topic” section; In this section you will see several colors to activate the dark mode in the cell phone, select the dark or dark blue color .
  5. Immediately the interface of your app will change and the background will turn dark and the letters will have a light color.

Auto dark mode

The automatic dark mode function is perfect for those users who do not want to have this mode activated all day on their devices.

Activating this function in your app will save you time, because you will not have to manually activate the dark mode every day, but the app will do it automatically.

  1. Open the Telegram application.
  2. Open the side menu and click on the “Settings” option .
  3. Within the “Settings” menu, you must click on the “Chat Settings” option (it can also say Appearance).
  4. A new window will appear on the screen where you should look for the “Settings” section.
  5. Within that section you will see the option “Automatic night mode” and on the right side you will find a switch which you must slide to the right to activate that function; when activated the switch will turn blue.
  6. Once you have activated the function, click on that option (“Automatic night mode”) to set the dark mode.
  7. In the new window select the dark mode you want to implement; You can choose between “Scheduled” (so that the dark mode is activated and deactivated automatically) or “Adapted” (the dark mode will only be activated in the app when the brightness level of your mobile has a set percentage).
  8. Now you must configure the mode you selected. For example, if you chose “Adapted” set the brightness level and the preferred night theme. If you selected “Scheduled”, configure the location and time when you want the function to be activated or activate the dusk and dawn option; you must also choose the night theme you prefer (dark or dark blue).
  9. After activating this function the night mode will be activated daily according to the parameters set by you.

Telegram offers you two very simple ways to activate the dark mode in the app; then you decide if you choose the manual or the automatic way. If at any time you want to stop using the night mode, you must follow the previous steps and deactivate this function. So we encourage you to  know the secret tricks of Telegram, and enjoy all the functions that this application brings.

What are the benefits of using the dark mode of the Telegram application

  • It allows you to rest your eyes when using the Telegram app at night.
  • Facilitates reading ; But keep in mind that reading in dark mode can be difficult for users with degenerative eye diseases.
  • Helps save battery ; and in OLED screens it saves more.
  • Many experts say that dark mode does not affect sleep, as it reduces the blue light exposure from screens.
  • Reduces visual fatigue when using the mobile for long hours.

Telegram always surprises its users with new functions, among them is the dark mode that has been widely accepted. Then do not hesitate and start using this function that brings great benefits to your visual health. And without forgetting an interesting aspect is that you can download Telegram on your PC , and thus expand this social network to all your devices.


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