How to activate the button or option to move applications to my SD card

Not all devices have enough storage, so it is necessary to free this space and at some point users complain about the lack of memory to install their applications. If this is your case, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn  how to activate the button or the option to move the applications to my SD card

SD card

SD is the acronym for Secure Digital and refers to a device whose card format allows the storage of digital information . Generally, SD cards are used in mobile devices for the purpose of increasing internal storage capacity.

SD cards have various forms of storage. Often we find devices from 16 GB onwards. Some SD cards can even have a storage capacity of 128 GB.

Characteristics of an SD card

All SD cards present on the front information related to the brand (Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, among others), the storage capacity expressed in GB, the memory classification (SDXC, SD and SDHC) and the memory classes. speed related to reading and writing (class 4 or class 10 SD cards are usually observed).

Enable option to move applications to my SD card

You may not have enough space in the internal memory of your Android device. In this case, you can move applications to an SD card and below we explain the procedure to achieve it.

Set up the SD card for internal storage

This is a viable option in case you need to install applications directly to the SD memory. To do this, first insert the SD card and press “Settings” as soon as the external device is detected. Locate the option “Storage and USB” and select “Format as internal.”

Next, a new window will open where you can configure the SD card for internal storage or portable storage . The system will show you a message indicating that the SD card will function as internal storage only on your device.

Format and encode your SD card again

Choose the “Erase and format” option. The system will send a warning indicating that all data on the SD card at that time will be erased. If you want to move applications before deleting all the content of the device, press the “View applications” option. Otherwise choose “Delete anyway”.

Move the apps to the SD card

Next, Android will ask if you want to move all the content on your device to the SD card . The content includes photos, videos, text files, applications, among others. Select the “Move now” option.

Then the SD card will become the device for storing data and applications. Thus, you can increase the memory of your Android . In case you don’t want to move the data, you can click “Move later”. However, the internal storage would be the default way to save applications and files .

Can I move applications between the internal storage and the SD card?

Although it is possible to move applications between the internal storage and the SD card, it is not totally advisable , since this action could affect the performance of certain applications.

However, when you need to perform this procedure, you can go to the Android settings and press “Storage and USB”. Then, choose the current storage of the application you want to move and click on “Applications”. Select the application of your preference and “Change”.

Move apps with root permission

If the option to move applications to your SD Card is not available and you still have little storage space on Android , it is advisable that you have root access and that you use a program called Titanium Backup . Once you download and install this tool, you must access the “Copy / Restore” tab.

Wait a few seconds for a menu to appear. There, select the option “Move to SD”. It is important to note that system applications such as YouTube or Gmail need to be converted to user applications, but there is a high risk of instability or performance failures.


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