how to activate the blue light filter in Android

Through the following guide we will tell you what it is, what it is for and how to activate the blue light filter on Android, iPhone and PC , a function that can help you, especially at night.

It is worth knowing what the blue light that emanates from the screen of a device means and the effects that this can generate. Understanding this, it is convenient to know what the blue light filter is for.

What is the blue light filter and what is it for?

You may have come across the term “blue light filter”, in fact, it is very common to have this option on multiple devices. But what is the blue light filter about? In short, it is a filter that is applied to avoid visual fatigue .

This filter should not be confused with the dark mode , since the previous one only focuses on protecting our eyes, while the blue light filter is supposed to help us sleep. In any case, it is also possible to activate the dark mode or dark mode of Facebook and other applications easily.

This filter is able to help us fall asleep. It has been shown that blue light keeps us active , while shades closer to red help when sleeping, in addition to reducing digital visual fatigue when using the PC and mobile . For this reason, the blue light filter is also often called a night light filter.

No matter what you call it, the purpose of this function is to use it at night , in order to help us sleep more easily. In turn, we protect our eyes, since these warmer tones are less harmful.

Activate Android night light filter

  • For Android you must go to the system settings, clicking on the “Settings” option.
  • In the configuration menu, look for the ‘ Screen’ section. This may differ depending on the model of device you have, but in most it appears the so-called “Blue Light Filter” .
  • To activate it, just press on the activation button, in turn you can also make various configurations in relation to this mode.
  • On the other hand, if this option does not appear, the so-called ‘ Night mode’  option is usually shown in which we obtain a kind of dark mode. This can also be helpful to protect your eyesight at night. In addition, you can configure and program it.

Activate blue light filter on iPhone

  • To activate the night light mode on iPhone or iPad mobiles, you must go to ‘ Settings’ .
  • Once you are in the system settings, locate the ‘ Screen and brightness’ section , after which you must locate the ‘Night light’ tab. To activate it, you just have to press on it.
  • In any case, remember that you can also configure the schedule in which this mode is activated to your liking.

Activate night light filter on PC

  • In the case of Windows, activating the blue light filter is very easy, just go to the start and then click on ‘ Settings on your PC’ .
  • All Windows options will be displayed, this time you have to click on the ‘System’ tab. Once there, look for the ‘screen’ section.
  • Right at the beginning the option ‘Night light’ will appear. Activating it is very easy, you just have to click on the ‘ Night light settings ‘ button . Process after which you will be taken to a configuration menu.
  • At the top you will see the option ‘ Activate now’ , pressing on it will activate the blue light filter mode. In any case, as you can see, the intensity option also appears, which allows you to configure the intensity in this way.
  • At lower intensity, more blue light will be shown, at higher intensity the tones will go more towards red. Configure this to your liking, although you can leave it as it is by default, which is right in the middle.

Remember that you can program the night light to automatically activate. To do this, click on ‘ Night light program’  and configure it according to your needs.

In turn, activating Microsoft Office dark mode and other similar functions are also highly recommended in order to protect your eyesigh

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