How to activate the backlight of your keyboard ASUS, HP, Dell, Samsung

We know that it is a keyboard, although few people delve into what are keyboards for and what are the types that exist and their functions of each key? . We use them on a daily basis, but most don’t have a backlight . These have LED lights for an aesthetic effect, but also in situations that deserve extra light. In fact, activating the keyboard backlight allows you greater visibility.

In recent years, its popularity has increased, especially for those users who need to use their devices in low-light environments; It also allows you to customize it, choosing the color and intensity of the light.

It is important that when buying a backlight keyboard, you determine if you want it of a mechanical type , membrane, if the connection is wireless or wired , the size of the letters, in short, the ergonomics that suits you best.

What are the advantages of buying a backlit keyboard?

  • It can be used in homes or offices with dimly lit rooms or at night hours.
  • For users who compete through video games , it also provides better visibility.
  • If you share a room with another person, you don’t have to turn on the main light.
  • For internet cafes or nightspots.
  • They allow to work without any interruption.
  • They have different customization alternatives.
  • They are aesthetic and attractive to most people.
  • You can turn the LED light on or off, whenever you need it.
  • There are different costs, according to the pocket of each person.
  • The keys do not fade their characters easily.

What are the lighting options for these keyboards?

You can choose the colors, from a single color to multiple of them , including the intensity that can also be controlled; in general, the cheaper keyboards allow you few colors, whereas the high-end ones a great variety of these.

Also certain visual effects with the multi-color backlighting; therefore, when acquiring one of these new keyboards, you must think about the use for which it is intended. They are generally used for video games.

How to activate the backlight of your ASUS, HP, DELL, SAMSUNG keyboard?

It is usually done by pressing one or two keys , and depending on the brand it can vary. In an ASUS, the first thing is to look at the “F3 and F4” buttons to verify if you get the icon that identifies the backlight; if available, you enable the lights by pressing “Fn + F4” at the same time .

In Hewlett Packard’s case, the backlit keyboard was designed for Pavilion computers, and the keys vary by model. To activate it, first press the lighting icon next to the “F5 or F12” key ; on laptops you press the “Fn” key and then the space bar.

With the Dell brand, we must look at the “F10 or F6” keys to see if it has the characteristic illumination symbol. Or also in the arrow that is in the lower right part; If you don’t see it, then it doesn’t have this function.

To turn on the light on the keyboard; some Samsung models are pressing “Fn” and the space bar. And if you want to change the light mode in “Esc”, either dim, bright or off.

Keypad button combinations are often used for different options in addition to lights; such as adjusting the brightness on the monitor, sound volume, suspend the computer and much more. To do this, you must have the latest BIOS settings .

They should not be confused with keyboard shortcuts; which are combinations of keys, to perform specific functions in various programs. This will work with any keyboard; but it is advisable to know, what are the keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel? , or what are the keyboard shortcuts to use YouTube? , to name a few examples.

One detail to take into account is that many of the backlit keyboards come in English. Reason why, it is good to learn to place or put accents and eñes on an English keyboard .

If you have considered purchasing a keyboard, it is important to consider whether it has a backlight function ; as well as the use that you are going to give it, if you want it wireless or with cable, membrane, mechanical and the ergonomics that it can provide.


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