How to activate the AutoCAD program?

Since its launch in 1982, the famous ” AutoCAD ” computer program created by Autodesk has become the favorite application of professionals in the technical area. It is an effective tool for technical drawing , since it not only allows you to make 2D plans , but also makes it possible to design models in three dimensions. It is used more to make plans of various sizes. From huge urbanizations to simple pieces or figures of various dimensions for any sector.

Undoubtedly, a program that should not be missing in places where the professional application of drawing is required , such as technical offices in the area of ​​architecture.

Therefore, if your profession requires you to use this application, we recommend that you activate the latest version. Don’t worry if you don’t know how; Next, we will show you the steps you must do to enable it. But that is not all, we will also provide some useful tips that will help you to have lifetime licenses and thus avoid the problem of having to activate it from time to time .

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  1. Steps to activate AutoCAD
    1. Activate AutoCAD as a subscriber
    2. Activate AutoCAD with a serial number, the solution when it is already installed
    3. How to Activate AutoCAD from Trial to Subscription
    4. How to Activate AutoCAD without internet connection
  2. Requirements to download and activate AutoCAD
    1. AutoCAD on Windows
    2. AutoCAD on Mac
  3. AutoCAD keys and licenses
  4. Activate AutoCAD license
    1. AutoCAD Student License
  5. What’s new in the latest version of AutoCAD
    1. New features in AutoCAD
  6. Learn how to install and activate the latest version of AutoCAD
    1. Activate the current version of AutoCAD offline
    2. with internet connection
  7. Get AutoCAD keys and licenses that will never expire

Steps to activate AutoCAD

This program will give you access, after downloading and activating the license, the entire panel of tools and functions to use in your professional editions. In the event that you do not know how this program is activated, here we will give you the tools to make it possible.

Activate AutoCAD as a subscriber

After downloading the application on your Microsoft Windows operator, you must take into account which of the versions you have . This is in the case of wanting to activate it in subscriber mode, since here, you will have to have this and click on “A single user.”

Activate AutoCAD with a serial number, the solution when it is already installed

When you want to do this type of verification, keep in mind that the platform has an activation code or Software license. This applies, more, for the security of the same program in question. It is a way to enable all its functions. Here we leave you the steps to follow.

  • When you open this, go to where it says “ Enter serial number”.
  • To activate the license here, you must enter both the Serial Number and the product key and click next and finish.

How to Activate AutoCAD from Trial to Subscription

  • Open AutoCAD on Desktop and go to Subscribe Now.
  • Signing in with your Autodesk accountwill be displayed .
  • Continue with the instructions that are seen on the screen so that you can receive a code to your email.
  • Sign in to the program and go to Manage license.
  • Go to “Change license” and you will re-enter the data.

How to Activate AutoCAD without internet connection

In the event that you want to do this without internet access, we tell you up front, that it is very difficult. Since, to do so, in addition to using the serial number and the product key, you will need the internet for other functions. No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a way to enable the program’s features without a network connection. You always have to download something, a patch, a driver, whatever, sooner or later you will go to this one.

Requirements to download and activate AutoCAD

Many of these features change depending on the versions of the program that you are going to download to your computer. In the case of downloading this on any PC, keep in mind that it will be better suited to your computer, whether it is Microsoft Windows or Mac.

AutoCAD on Windows

  • For AutoCAD on this type of computer, you will need to have Microsoft Windows 8 or higher.
  • 3 GHz processor or more.
  • 16GB RAM.
  • 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/s of bandwidth.
  • This in the case of installing the latest version.

AutoCAD on Mac

  • macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher.
  • Apple M series processor.
  • 16 GB RAM or more.
  • MAC Native Graphics Card

AutoCAD keys and licenses

For those who don’t know, when you go to download the program, Autodesk gives you a type of software license and product key. This is so that you can activate it and be able to use AutoCAD with all the tools and functions.

Activate AutoCAD license

For all these versions there is a different process. These were the ones that we explained to you a moment ago, such as the “Single user ” or subscriber mode.

AutoCAD Student License

  • Go to the program and go to the Account Options menu. In this way, go to Manage Software license.
  • Click and Change this parameter.
  • Here a ” Let’s start”will be displayed, click and go to Modify User.
  • You should use the AutoCAD activation code, serial number and product key to start with an official educational account.

What’s new in the latest version of AutoCAD

Since the arrival of the most updated versions of this, improvements to the program have been implemented. AutoCAD has improved its activation codes , serial numbers, product keys, features, everything came with improvements.

New features in AutoCAD

  • More information in help system.
  • Improved AutoCAD Web API.
  • Sheet Set Manager.
  • Count more efficiently.

Learn how to install and activate the latest version of AutoCAD

The process of installing and using a software activation code is done without an internet connection. It differs from when it is done online; For this reason, we have decided to explain both ways so that you know what to do in each case.

Activate the current version of AutoCAD offline

It should be noted that this process requires that you follow the steps carefully. Try not to skip any steps so you can get your updated AutoCAD.

  • Run the program installation with whatever disc or installeryou have available. To do this you must insert the CD or search for the file inside your PC, then run the installer and follow each indication that appears on the screen.
  • At the end of the installation, it is important that you close everything and disable the internet connection. In case the connection is wireless, you will only need to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected and if it is through cables, unplug the network cable.
  • The next step is to open the “AutoCAD” application, by double-clicking the shortcut on the desktop or by searching for it in the “Start” menu.
  • When opened, a button will be displayed that says “Activate”, which you must press.
  • A section will appear where you need to fill in the serial number field and the product key field, when you do so, click “Next”.
  • Following this, corresponds one of the most elementary steps in the activation. You will see among the options a box that says “Request activation code using an offline method”; Mark it and press the “Next” button.
  • In this part, take note of all the data that is displayed; such as “serial number”, “product code” and “request code”, even the URL listed there.
  • Now access the indicated URL, through another computer or device that is connected to the Internet.
  • On that page, click where it says “To get started”.
  • At the time you request to log in, you must click on “Not now” and complete the fields with the data from the image and click on “Validate”.
  • Then, enter your personal data and also the information you wrote down.
  • After this, you will be provided with the “activation code” that you need to finish the process.
  • After you get it, open AutoCAD on the computer you used first, the one without an internet connection.
  • When you open it, the “Activate” button will appear on the home screen, press it and, as you did at the beginning, write down the serial number you wrote down and the product key that you already had.
  • Now you just have to check the box that says “ I have an activation code from Autodesk”, and proceed to write the newly acquired activation code.
  • The last step will be to click on “Next” and that’s it, you will have finished the process of activating AutoCAD in one of its latest versions on a computer without an internet connection.

with internet connection

  • Connect to your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Open AutoCAD, by double-clicking on the shortcut or through the start menu.
  • When opened, an option will be displayed on the screen that says “Enter a serial number”,press there and enter the number you have.
  • The next thing will be to press the “Activate” button that is displayed in the window.
  • Followed by this you must enter the requested data; namely “serial number” and “product key”. If you do not have them, you can acquire them by following the following web address “” and doing what we indicate below:
    • Start session with your email and password, you can enter with your Google account.
    • Click where it says “All products and services”, it appears in the left column.
    • In this part, look for the product that corresponds to your copy of AutoCAD and press the button that appears next to “Manage”. All the data you need will be displayed there.
  • After filling in all the corresponding fields, all that remains is to press “Next” and that’s it, you will have completed the activation process.

Get AutoCAD keys and licenses that will never expire

The student license granted by Autodesk is ideal to use the program without having to pay anything at all . However, to be able to use it without a problem, it is necessary to demonstrate that we are using it to study or to teach.

Therefore, if we need to work with the application and at the same time have AutoCAD keys and licenses that last forever, there are certain actions we can take to achieve this.

We refer to using keygens or cracks that make it possible to activate this software. The best part of this is that it works for any of its versions and it is a type of infinite license; so it will no longer be necessary to activate it. Let’s see the steps you must perform in this case:

  • After having installed AutoCAD in any of its versions, first proceed todeactivate the internet connection . Either by unplugging the cable or disconnecting the Wi-Fi network.
  • Then open the app and wait for the welcome window to appear.
  • When loaded, the option to choose the type of license will be displayed. In this case we will click on the one that says “Enter a serial number”.
  • The next thing will be to press the “Activate” button.
  • In view of the fact that it is required to enter the data in the fields “Serial number” and “Product key“. What you will do is write this:
    • Serial number: 666-69696969 or 667-98989898
    • Product key: 001J1
  • When doing so, press the “Next” button, check the “Request activation code using offline method” box and click “Next”.
  • Now, in the next window, press the “Back” button and again “Back”.
  • In this part, check the box “I have an activation code from Autodesk” and the corresponding fields will be displayed.
  • What follows, will be to install and open the program called X-Force.
  • Following this, copy the “Request Code” from AutoCAD and paste it into the “Request” option of the Keygen.
  • When finished, click on the “Generate” button and there you will see a new code. Click where it says “Patch.”
  • The code that is generated is the one that you need to paste in the field of the activation code of the AutoCAD program.
  • After this, all you have to do is press the “Finish” buttonand that’s it, you’ll have your software license for life to be able to carry out your professional technical drawing work.

As you can see it is very simple, it also happens when activating other useful applications. For example, to activate Microsoft Office 2010 , of course, its respective crack must be used.

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