How To Activate Privacy Options On TikTok

The evolution of social networks is remarkable and we can currently see some that have a large number of followers. Becoming the most popular in the year that just ended. But there are also others that are rising like foam despite being relatively new and this is the case with TikTok. And if you are thinking of joining this famous social network, you must first know how to set or activate privacy on TikTok.

Setting TikTok privacy is one of the first options you should learn when creating your account. Since in this way you will be able to  grant permissions to those users who will be able to see the content that you upload to the platform. The same happens to be able to send private messages , these and more you can do through its configurable options.

TikTok is a social network that allows you to upload videos of any type, among other options that allow you, for example, to activate the Duet function . Now without wasting any more time, let’s see what steps you must follow to be able to set or activate the privacy options on TikTok.


  • Step to activate privacy options on TikTok
  • Other customization options on TikTok

Step to activate privacy options on TikTok

Below we will offer you a step-by-step description of what you must do in order to activate the different privacy options on TikTok . And as the first logical step is to enter the social network and log in , once you are in its home window. You will go to the options bar at the bottom of your screen.

There you will click on the option “I” where you will have access to your profile, in the next window you must search and click on the three-point icon. This will be located perfectly in the upper right part of the window. By clicking on the icon you will have access to Privacy and settings, so that you can configure the application in the way that you see fit.

In this new window, you must find and click on the option “Privacy Settings” which is the option that interests us. By selecting this option, you will be taken to its window in which we will find the first option to configure “Visibility”.

Through this option your account will be approved, but you can also allow the user to see the content you upload and who can follow you . You will also have access to two options that you can activate so that your account is synchronized with your contacts. Or so that other people can locate you through a web search engine.

Other customization options on TikTok

The second option that you can configure is “Personalization and data” when performing this action you will be taken to a new window, which will contain two options. The first is “Personalized Ads” and the second is the option to Download TikTok data . You choose if you want to activate these options, but if you do, the application will take your personal data.


The last option that you must configure is “Security” when entering it you will find different options that you must adjust. First you will have the option of “Who can post comments”. And you can choose among your contacts who will have this privilege, if only your friends, although you can also choose them all or, failing that, no one.


The next option that you can adjust is “Who can react to your videos” here you can apply the same as in the previous option, you will have the last word. The next option is “Who can send you messages” and you will also have to choose who will have that privilege or if you wish, do not allow it to anyone.

Another option that you can configure in this section is “Who can do a duet with you” here is going to choose who can or not do a duet with the videos you upload. Although, like the previous options, you can allow it to all or none.

Other options that you will also find will be Filter comments ”,“ Who can see the videos that I liked ”,“ Allow downloads ”and“ Blocked lists ”. You realize that it is very easy to configure the privacy options on TikTok.


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