How to activate or unblock WhatsApp with FaceID & TouchID

Over time, we have realized the importance of maintaining our privacy and security at the level of the WhatsApp application, since with certain frequency, it is attacked by a variety of hackers; which, they manage to leave our information vulnerable. But, here we will teach you how to activate or unblock WhatsApp with FaceID & TouchID easily.

Activate or unblock WhatsApp with FaceID & TouchID easily

What are biometric systems and which are the most used?

The security of the data of programs like WhatsApp is extremely important. For this reason, the biometric system technology uses some physical characteristics of people to verify data through certain devices and automatically, the identity of the individual; that is, it is based on measurements of certain parts of the body.

Currently, we have several classes of these systems, among them we can mention for example: hand geometry , retina patterns, by voice, through Face ID or facial recognition, fingerprint readers, among others.

So, at the beginning of 2019, the Facebook company decides to implement the protection in WhatsApp of the biometric system Face ID & Touch ID with the iOS version; On Android, it is also available under the name Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp Beta 2.19.221.

Differences in the use of Face ID & Touch ID systems?

It seems that there is a debate between security and the convenience to use either of these two systems, either Face ID or Touch ID, however, since it began to be implemented in the iPhone, the Touch ID or fingerprint reader, says that it has become the most used by different brands.

Here are some features of both systems. For example, in Face ID or facial recognition, there are few differences between people , since facial lines can be repeated in several users, on the other hand, with the fingerprint reader the difference is high, since they are not repeated among humans ; not even in twins.

Likewise, with Face ID, the person can be identified from a distance, but with the fingerprint it must be close, and the latter does not change with age, remaining stable over the years; while in Face ID there are changes with age, due to facial hair, glasses, wrinkles, among others.

Another important point is that in Touch ID, the consent of the client is necessary , while for facial recognition such authorization is not necessary; therefore, Touch ID appears to be more accurate than Face ID.

How to activate or unblock WhatsApp on Face ID & Touch ID easily?

To obtain greater privacy in WhatsApp and iPhone devices, we click on “Settings”, then “Settings”, then “select” Account “, to continue with” Privacy “.

At the bottom you will see “Screen lock”, then we click on “Touch ID or” Face ID “ and the lock will be activated; Now you must choose the time, which can be immediately, at the minute, at 15 or in 1 hour; It is recommended that the lock be activated immediately for greater security.

Now, if it does not recognize the blocking system, you must click on “Face ID or Touch ID” to unlock WhatsApp and the biometric recognition can be started again; When the lock is activated, all the chats you have will appear blurry.

We conclude by saying that these security and blocking systems for the WhatsApp application are very useful, since they give us the peace of mind of being able to leave the mobile anywhere, without the intervention of a third party; either out of curiosity or because you don’t have the owner’s permission to view the content. So now that you know how to activate or unblock WhatsApp with FaceID & TouchID easily, we hope this information has been useful for you.


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